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How To Bet On T20 World Cup 2024: Odds, Types, Tips, And Strategies

In this article, you will learn about India’s best T20 World Cup betting apps and betting odds to win. Moreover, we will guide you through betting tips to win interesting rewards.

Bet On T20 World Cup 2024

Cricket fever is on with the T20 World Cup 2024, starting from June 1 to June 29. Fans globally are waiting for exclusive action. Mark your calendars for these dates to experience fun. 

In this article, you will learn about India’s best T20 World Cup betting apps and betting odds to win. Moreover, we will guide you through betting tips to win interesting rewards. 

Are you ready to shine your fortune in cricket betting?

T20 World Cup History

The International Cricket Council has organized T20 World Cup matches since 2007. Chris Gayle was honored to hit the first ball for the ‘four.’ 

ICC conducts T20 World Cup matches every 2 years. It is a short version of the game, delivering ‘thrilling Cricket’ among fans.

India won the inaugural T20 World Cup match in 2007 by defeating Pakistan in Johannesburg. Until now, only England and the West Indies had won the titles twice.

But, the excitement for T20 World Cup 2024 is at its peak. 20 teams will take part to provide memorable moments to fans. The US and West Indies will co-host matches across different stadiums.

Rules for Playing T20 World Cup Cricket

  • Both teams get 20 overs to play this match.

  • The match lasts for 3 hours and 10 minutes. Each inning is 1 hour 25 minutes, with a 20-minute interval.

  • The 2024 tournament will include a stop-clock rule for the first time. When the previous over finishes, the bowling side must start the next over within 60 seconds.

  • Each team gets a super over if the level of scores after 20 overs is the same. Each team will face 6 balls, and the highest scorer will win. What if Super Over is a tie? Match continues until the announcement of a winner.

  • Both teams receive 2 unsuccessful reviews per inning.

  • The Committee uses the Duckworth-Lewis Stern Method to declare a winner. It happens when the match halts due to weather conditions.

  • India will play the second semi-final game on June 27 if they qualify for the semi-finals according to the ICC’s playing conditions.

Total T20 World Cup 2024 Teams

Most big nations will face each other in this T20 World Cup.

Zimbabwe failed to qualify because they could not pass the Qualifier Tests. The other 20 teams are divided into four groups.

Group A: India (A1), Pakistan (A2), Ireland, USA, and Canada

Group B:  England (B1), Australia (B2), Oman, Namibia, and Scotland

Group C: New Zealand (C1), West Indies (C2), Uganda, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea

Group D: South Africa (D1), Sri Lanka (D2), Nepal, Bangladesh, and Netherlands

T20 World Cup Odds Explained

T20 odds explain the outcome of various matches and the odds provided by bookmakers. Odds are the potential returns on your bets. They keep changing according to teams and bookmaker platforms.

You can choose decimal odds, moneyline odds, and fractional odds. Many significant factors affect the betting odds are:

  • Team’s performance and form

  • Recent matches and their results

  • Winning streaks

  • Home pitch advantages or pitch advantage in a foreign land

  • Historical T20 World Cup records

  • Player’s availability or injuries 

This year’s odds for popular teams include:

  • England (5)

  • Australia (5)

  • India (3.75)

  • New Zealand and Pakistan (9)

  • South Africa (8)

  • Sri Lanka (41)

  • Netherlands (251)

  • West Indies (13)

  • Bangladesh (67)

  • USA (501)

T20 World Cup Odds Types Explained

  1. Moneyline Odds: It provides you with the probability of winning a match. There is no margin betting. For example, You bet INR 100 on Indian team. If the team wins, only then you will receive INR 100.

  2. Decimal Odds: It shows potential returns on your bet and the original stake. For example, if decimal odds are 4.0, for every INR 100 you bet, you will receive 100 x 4.0 = INR 400.

  3. Point Spread Odds: You must set a handicap margin. One team must be victorious for you to win the stake. Get your favorite bets on the reduced odds risk.

  4. Fractional Odds: It tells how much profit you will make compared to your original bet. For example, if the odds are 4/1, you will make 4 units of profit for each unit you bet.

  5. Game Totals Odds: You bet on the combined score of both teams instead of the match winner. Do analyze both teams’ winning potential.

  6. American Odds: The (+) sign represents Underdogs and the (-) sign represents the Favorites. Underdogs will let you win over and above INR 100 bet. Favorites means you have to win to make the bet equal to INR 100.

  7. Live Betting Odds: When probabilities change in the T20 match, the live betting odds change. This betting type allows mid-betting with the latest details.

  8. Hong Kong Odds: Stakes return offered is one place lower to Decimal Odds. Like, if decimal odds are 1.80 of your stakes, in Hong Kong odds it will be 0.80 of your bet amount.

Betting Exchange for T20 World Cup 2024

Betting exchanges allow you to bet against other bettors. The traditional sports betting sites let you play against the bookmaker.

You predict against another player who predicted the opposite outcome of the match. For example:

Player A bets in favor of team India winning the match, and Player B blames India for losing. The wins and losses have better odds. The betting exchange will match your bet on India against the bettor who backs India to win.

You must be flexible enough to understand the match potentials and decide the odds. Check out expert reading and reviews. You can also play in different betting markets.

We have provided you with a list of India’s best Cricket betting apps in the coming sections. They are popular for best odds, reliability, live bets, and user-friendly interface.

How to Bet on T20 World Cup

Are you excited about the most awaited section of this article? So are we! Let us guide you to the significant betting strategies and tips. We will also provide thorough information about Cricket betting apps you should choose for gameplay.

Betting Tips & Strategies

  • Have a Budget: Avoid financial stress by betting under your budget. Set the bankroll for each match.

  • Pick the Suitable Bet: Select the betting type that you know about. It can be betting on the highest scorer, Man of the Match, or the highest wicket-keeper. You can choose from the Underdogs and Favorite odds.

  • Read Expert Reviews: Check out what experts are talking about. Get an expert review on cricket players and teams. Compare the past performances of the players or team you want to bet on.

  • Compare Sports Betting Odds: Different betting exchanges and bookmakers offer different odds. Compare and review the same to get the best price.

  • Go for the Highly Wanting Team: The public perception about a particular team helps you get better odds. You can bet on the Favorites if they find a particularly strong team. Underdogs or less-hyped opponents can also offer better odds.

Factors To Consider Before Betting

  • Research About Teams and Players: You must analyze current team statistics and the performances of individual players. Look at their batting and bowling average. You must research how players have performed on similar pitches in the past.

  • Weather Conditions: It can play a spoiled role anytime and anywhere. You must check the weather forecast conditions by following authentic sources. 

  • Study the Pitch: Research the pitch condition of a stadium chosen for the T20 World Cup match. Study whether it favors or goes against your team’s or player’s batting or bowling.

  • Coin Toss: Do watch the toss part in the T20 World Cup. You will get to know which team is batting first. The team that bats first attracts higher odds and wins.

  • Effect of Overconfidence: If you have excessive faith in your team, stop! Study the performance and injuries of players before betting on your favorite team. The past data and events are crucial to study as they impact your betting.

10 Popular T20 World Cup Betting Apps

Here is a quick overview of Cricket betting apps for you to enjoy betting on T20 World Cup 2024.

1. Fun88: One of the best Indian betting sites offering a 100% welcome bonus package of INR 1,00,000 with a first-time deposit of INR 50,000. 


2. 1xBet: It offers 100% on your first deposit. Get competitive betting odds on your favorite teams and cricket-free bets.


3. Dafabet: Enjoy cricket betting with the best mobile odds and in-play betting features. Get a 200% sports welcome bonus up to INR 20,000.


4. Pari Match: Popular Indian sports betting site offering a 250% Cricket welcome bonus and 150 free bets. You can get a Parlay boost bonus when you are betting live.

Pari Match
Pari Match

5. Rajabets: Popular live sports betting site offering 150% sports welcome bonus up to INR 100,000 on your 1st deposit


6. PariPesa: It is an attractive mobile betting app with in-play betting and live betting options. You will receive 3% weekly cashback on sports.


7. 10CRIC: Bet on 30+ sports and place live bets on your mobile apps. Get a double power welcome bonus of up to INR 15,000 on your 1st deposit.


8. Megapari: This Indian sports bookmaker provides a 100% bonus of up to INR 30,000 on your first deposit. MEGA22 is the promo code for a bonus.


9. MelBet: Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to INR 155,000 that lasts through your 1st five deposits. You can also get a reload bonus of up to INR 10,000.


10. 4RABET: Get 700% welcome sports bonus of up to INR 20,000 with a minimum deposit of INR100. The sports betting odds offered are above 1.5x.


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