How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Effective Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Following

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Having a large following makes social media platforms all the more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to become an Influencer or just want to share your feed for fun, learning how to get more followers on Instagram can lead to more engagement and more fulfillment.

Instagram has amassed over 2 billion users worldwide since its 2010 release. This means you’ve got to put your all into growing your account. It seems there’s a new Influencer stealing the spotlight every day, grabbing the attention of the masses. This can be a bit discouraging to users wanting to increase their following. How do these users gain traction so easily on a platform with billions of users?

Aside from purchasing Instagram followers, there are several methods that are proven to draw attention to growing accounts. Some of the most popular Influencers gained massive followings by taking these steps. This guide will review each step and why they’re important to growing your follower count.

Tip 1 – Use the Right Hashtags

Instagram hashtags have been effective in drawing attention to users’ posts since the platform’s launch. Posts with hashtags will appear in searches using keywords you’ve used, meaning your posts will reach more users.

Using hashtags relevant to your content is the key to optimizing this platform-growing method. If your content focuses on travel, you should use hashtags pertaining to the same topic. Spamming search results with unrelated content is a surefire way to drive followers away. There are countless hashtags on Instagram, and there’s bound to be an audience interested in your content.

Tip 2 – Find Your Niche

One of the most vital tips when looking to gain followers is to choose a specific topic to focus your page around. Finding your niche is an ideal way to potentially draw in followers who share similar interests with you. Users may not be as quick to hit the follow button if they don’t know what content to expect from you.

The whole point of amassing a larger following is to draw more attention and engagement to your account. Users are more likely to follow an account when the content is relevant to their special interests.

Moreover, having an account based around a specific niche makes your profile stand out. There are billions of Instagram accounts, meaning lots of competition when it comes to gaining a larger following. Posting content with a central concept and using hashtags to promote it can help your account reach your target audience.

Tip 3 – Follow a Posting Schedule

You’ve probably noticed that posts gain less traction at certain times of day. For example, a post created at 1 a.m. on a weeknight most likely won’t draw in as much attention as usual. This is because social media platforms see fluctuations in activity based on the day and time.

Naturally, publishing posts at times of high activity ensures your posts get as much interaction as possible. Instagram offers an account insights page, where you can view analytics such as activity levels and post engagement.

Be sure to follow a posting schedule that accommodates different time zones. For example, if the majority of your followers are domestic and reside on the East Coast (and you don’t), schedule post publishing at times of high activity in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Keep in mind that only business accounts on Instagram can access analytics and create automatic posting schedules. Luckily, anyone can access this feature, and switching a preexisting personal account to a business one is a simple process.

Tip 4 – Post High-Quality Content

Instagram is all about eye-catching content. Whether it’s a scenic view, a video of your playful cat, or a classic selfie, be sure each post is high-quality and visually pleasing. Of course, a few methods exist to improve your posts’ looks.

  • Adding a filter to your content can enhance the aesthetic. Use the same filter for each post to give your grid a more organized look.

  • Take advantage of the “golden hour.” Using the gorgeous light of a slowly setting sun adds a flattering warmth to photos.

  • Get rid of unwanted objects in an image using editing tools. These tools are the perfect option for when a photo bomb or a messy background ruins a nearly perfect picture.

Tip 5 – Pay Attention to the Latest Trends

Staying up to date with popular trends is one of the most common ways to gain Instagram followers. Trends become popular for a reason, after all. Users enjoy seeing that specific content.

However, joining in on mainstream trends doesn’t mean straying from your niche. Try putting your spin on a trending challenge or post. It’ll show other users a refreshing take on a trend and stand out from the countless exact replicas of the same content. Remember social media is a form of creative outlet; there are no rules when creating content you love.

That aside, participating in trending content keeps you on par with your competitors. A large number of today’s Influencers got their start by participating in social media trends.

Tip 6 – Engage With Your Followers

Interacting with your followers is a vital aspect of getting more Instagram followers. Behind every account is a human with a personality and emotions, so you should treat them as such. Staying in touch with your followers shows you’re accessible and appreciate their engagement.

Interacting with current followers increases the chance of gaining new ones since engagement makes your content more likely to pop up into other users’ algorithms.

Stay Active and Be Patient

Staying active on social media is, without a doubt, the most important step to gaining followers. More active accounts gain more attention and are more likely to show up in user algorithms.

Even the most popular accounts started with just a few followers. Don’t get discouraged if your following seems to grow slowly. The followers will start pouring in if you take the proper steps and remain patient.

You can purchase Instagram followers as base. Then, use the tips mentioned above to keep the momentum going. By following these guidelines and staying persistent, you’re guaranteed to get more followers on Instagram in no time.

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