Monday, Aug 08, 2022

People visit Goa not for drugs now, but for beaches and cuisine, says new state DGP Panaji, Apr 8 

Goa's new Director General of Police (DGP), Jaspal Singh, has said that people visit the coastal state not for drugs anymore but for its beaches, cuisine, and culture.

Goa Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai ANI

Singh, who took charge as the DGP on Thursday, replacing IPS officer Indradev Shukla, also said he does not want people to remember Goa for drugs. "Now, people don't come to Goa in search of drugs. They instead pay a visit to the state for its natural beauty, beaches, local cuisine, culture, music, etc. After taking charge, culture and food have been developed as the new USP (unique selling proposition) of Goa," Singh said in the first press conference.

The Goa police have done a lot in the past to control the drug menace in the state, he said. "We do not want people to remember Goa for drugs. Action against the drug trade has been a priority not only for me but also for my predecessors," he added. Every police officer is trying their best to curb the drug menace, and the fight will continue even in the future utilizing all the available resources, Singh said.

The drug cartels work "intelligently," due to which coordinated efforts of various agencies are required to control them. "If you consider the situation in the past, I would say that we have been able to make a dent on narcotic suppliers," he added.