Kejriwal Urges Opposition Leaders To Discuss Centre's Ordinance Bill In Delhi On Public Services

The opposition's meet on Friday has been called by Bihar CM and Janata Dal(United) leader Nitish Kumar to take on PM Modi and the BJP ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. 

Arvind Kejriwal at award function

Ahead of the opposition meeting scheduled on June 23, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written to non-BJP leaders of several states urging them to hold a discussion on the Centre's ordinance bill at the Centre. 

"The Centre has experimented Delhi by bringing this ordinance. If it is successful, it will bring similar ordinances in non-BJP states and snatch away the powers of states concerning subjects in the concurrent list," he said in the letter dated June 20, according to a report by PTI. 

The meeting on Friday in Patna has been called by Bihar CM and Janata Dal(United) leader Nitish Kumar to take on Modi and the BJP ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. 

Kejriwal stated that the priority of the meeting should be a discussion about how to defeat the ordinance Bill, that was brought in by the Centre in Delhi on May 19, in the Rajya Sabha. The Centre had promulgated an ordinance to create an authority for the transfer and posting of Group-A officers in Delhi, with the AAP government calling the move a deception with the Supreme Court verdict on control of services.

Following the ordinance, Kejriwal has been reaching out to leaders of non-BJP parties to garner their support against the ordinance so that the Centre's bid to replace it through a Bill is defeated when it is brought in Parliament.

A day before, Kejriwal also expressed that he hoped that the Congress would be asked by other parties to clear its stance on the Bill. The AAP supremo added that he would explain to the other leaders in the meeting how such an ordinance could be brought for even full-fledged states.

The day was not far when the BJP would be ruling 33 states through Lieutenant Governors, he remarked, according to PTI.

The ordinance came a week after the Supreme Court handed over the control of services in Delhi, excluding police, public order and land, to the elected government, and sought to set up a National Capital Civil Service Authority for the transfer of and disciplinary proceedings against Group-A officers from the DANICS cadre. Transfer and postings of all officers of the Delhi government were under the executive control of the lieutenant governor before the May 11 verdict of the apex court.

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