Watch: Delhi Doctor Got Covid Shot Without Telling Wife; Here's How The Conversation Played Out

Why couldn't you take me with you asked his angry wife on call, which has now gone viral

Watch: Delhi Doctor Got Covid Shot Without Telling Wife; Here's How The Conversation Played Out

For Delhi-based eminent doctor and Padma Shri recipient Dr K K Aggarwal, the day he got the Covid-19 vaccine will be a memorable day. For reasons other than a historic, life-saving vaccination, that is. 

A video of the doctor being yelled at by his wife soon after he received the vaccination has the internet amused and has now gone viral. Dr Aggarwal, a cardiologist, had to face his wife's wrath when she found that he got the Covid jab alone and did not tell her. "Why couldn't you take me with you?" she says on the call. 

Dr Aggarwal received his wife's call when he was being recorded live. On January 23, he had shared a Facebook video of him receiving the Covid vaccine.

"Doctor KK Agarwal got himself vaccinated without his wife. Note to self: don't ever pick-up phone while you are live on tv," wrote Twitter user Tarun Shukla while sharing the video.

 Their conversation went something like this: he told his wife about the vaccination, explained that he had received it and she should get it on Monday. 

"Main pata karne gaya tha aap logon ka, vo keh rahe the 'khaali hai, lagwa lo', toh maine lagwa li (I just went to check on the vaccine. They said get it done, so I got it)," he was heard saying.

The wife, seemingly angry, asked him why he didn't take her and "Don't lie to me" also came up often.

"Main live hun abhi (I'm live on camera right now)," the doctor said, hoping to end the conversation.

Which further instigated his partner, as she said: Main abhi live aa ke tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hun" - which translates to "I'll go live right now and manage you."

The conversation has been viewed over 1.6 lakh times on Twitter, with users sharing the conversation in humorous reflection.

The doctor afterwards shared a statement on Twitter clarifying the series of events.

He was glad that the video provided a "moment of levity" in these times but highlighted that the video showed his wife's concern towards "his health and safety". 

Dr Aggarwal also took to YouTube yesterday in another live session, detailing his experience of getting the Covid vaccine, how he didn't tell anyone about the jab, and the conversation that went viral.

 "She had a reason to be upset," he said, noting the fear and side-effects of the vaccine especially for senior people. 

"Everyone was upset with me ki aap vaccine lagvane kyun gaye (why did you get the vaccine)?" he said in the video, referring to the hesitance of his family members.

His video comes as a clarification to the viral recording. Dr Aggarwal also urged people to get inoculated in the bigger fight against Covid-19.