Cheetah Death: Postmortem Report Says Tejas Could Not Recover From Shock After Violent Fight

Tejas was the seventh cheetah to die in four months at the Kuno National Park. With this, seven felines, including three cubs born to Namibian cheetah 'Jwala', have died at the KNP since March.

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The postmortem report of the South African cheetah, Tejas, who died at Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park (KNP) on Tuesday revealed that he was 'internally weak' and could not recover from a 'traumatic shock' following a violent fight with a female cheetah.

Possibly because of being internally weak, Tejas was unable to recover from the trauma after the violent clash with a female cheetah, it said.

"Prima facie, the cause of the death is traumatic shock," the report added.

It has also been told that samples of Tejas's internal body parts were sent to the Jabalpur-based School of Wildlife Forensic and Health for further examination.

Besides the injury marks on the neck, the report also confirmed presence of infection in the lungs and kidneys of the deceased cheetah.

Cheetah Tejas weighed around 43 kilograms, which was less than the weight of normal male cheetahs.

The report also suugested that the internal body parts of the feline were not functioning properly.

Death of the five-and-a-half years old male cheetah Tejas marked the seventh feline fatality in last four months.