Awareness Lessons About The POCSO Act To Be Integrated In School Curriculum: Kerala High Court

Kerala is set to integrate awareness programs of the POCSO Act into its curriculum, starting next academic year, 2024-2025.


Kerala High Court observes a high incidence of sexual offences against children.

The Kerala Government has pronounced to incorporate awareness lessons about the POCSO Act into its curriculum, commencing in 2024. The State Council Of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has taken over this initiative, agreed to be implemented in the coming academic year. The lessons pertaining to the POCSO act will be taught employing an integrated approach. 

The ruling came after the Kerala High Court observed an increased rate of incidents of sexual offences against children. Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas expressed concerns over children’s unfamiliarity with the legal provisions underlined in the POCSO Act, even if they were engaged in a consensual relationship. 


The court was informed about the measures undertaken by SCERT in this regard. Efforts have been made to incorporate awareness of the POCSO Act into the curriculum, stated the SCERT council. Additionally, the process of publishing the relevant textbooks is expected to begin in August. 

The council further emphasised that these textbooks would be prepared by experts who were adept with the importance and sensitivity of the subject. They also assured the court that the devised plan will be integrated from the academic year 2024-25, specifically for standards I, III, V, VI, VIII and IX. The remaining grades will have to await till 2025 for this integration and revision  to happen. 


Furthermore, workshops are scheduled to be conducted by teachers after the curriculum revision.Earlier this year, in May, the state government had conducted a one-day training session for teachers on the subject of POCSO awareness. 

The efforts taken by the state government, SCERT, and KELSA together, were acknowledged and lauded by the Kerala High Court.