Monday, Jul 04, 2022

AI, AirAsia To Carry Each Other's Passengers In Case Of Flight Disruptions

The arrangement, effective for two years starting from this month, will enable airport teams of both Air India and AirAsia to offer alternative first available flights so that inconvenience to passengers is minimised.

Air India and AirAsia India are part of the Tata Group. Deposit Photos

Air India and AirAsia India have entered into an agreement that will allow them to carry each other's passengers in case there is a disruption of operations, according to a communication.

Both airlines are part of the Tata Group. The two carriers have entered into the IROPS (Irregular Operations) arrangement through a pact, which allows transfer of passengers to each other's flights in case of disrupted operations, as per the communication.

However, carriage of passengers will be on an "as available" basis as determined by the airport manager of accepting airline, it stated. Last month, Tata Group completed the takeover of Air India. 

With inputs from PTI.