Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

Who Is 'Putin's Brain' Whose Daughter Was Just Killed In A Car Bomb In Russia?

The daughter of Russian ideologue and political philosopher Alexander Dugin who is often referred to as 'Putin's brain' was recently killed in a car bomb accident outside Russia.

'Putin' Brain' Alexander Dugin
'Putin' Brain' Alexander Dugin AP Photos

In a tragic incident, 29-year-old Darya Dugina, daughter of one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest allies, has been killed in a car bomb explosion outside the capital city of Moscow. Darya was the daughter of Russian ideologue and philosopher Alexander Dugin who is often referred to as 'Putin's brain' and is said to be the ideological guiding force behind Putin's politics. The killing has led to speculation that Dugin, and not his daughter, was the actual intended target of the attack.

Who is 'Putin's brain'?

Alexander Dugin is a prominent conservative ideologue known for his ultra-nationalist views. He is believed to be a close ally of Putin and is said to have deeply influenced and shaped his socio-political worldview. Dugin himself does not hold any official position in the Russian government but he is known to be an influential figurehead and is also referred to as "Putin's Rasputin". He is said to have influenced Putin's expansionist foreign policy and has actively supported Russia's Ukrainian onslaught. Dugin is also known to be the founder of the 'anti-European Eurasian movement' which finds support among many Russian and Kremlin elite. The US issued sanctions against Dugin in 2015 for his alleged involvement in the Crimean invasion. 

Who was Darya Dugina?

Like her father, Dugina was known for her ultra-nationalist views and had been vocal in her support for the Russian government's recent invasion of Ukraine. The US and UK recently launched sanctions against Dugina, the BBC reported, for her alleged involvement in spreading "misinformation" against the Russian government's Ukrainian policy. In an appearance on Russian television last week, Dugina called America “a zombie society” where people oppose Russia but cannot find it on a map.

Dugina and her father had been attending the "Tradition" art festival being held at the Zakharavo estate near Moscow. Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is said to have stayed here and on Sunday evening, Dugin followed suit and even delivered a lecture.

According to reports, there is speculation that the bomb was intended to kill Dugin, who was initially traveling in the same car as his daughter but made a last-minute change of plans to commute in another vehicle. 

The Kremlin accused Ukrainian intelligence Monday of carrying out the brazen car bombing. Ukraine has denied involvement.

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