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Krispy Kreme Launches FRIENDS-Inspired Doughnuts, But Leaves American Fans Disappointed: Here's Why

Krispy Kreme's latest launch of FRIENDS-inspired doughnuts in the UK has sparked disappointment among American fans, highlighting a curious decision to celebrate an iconic American show overseas instead of at home.

Krispy Kreme/ Warner Bros
Krispy Kreme Launches FRIENDS Inspired Donuts Photo: Krispy Kreme/ Warner Bros

Krispy Kreme has launched a new collaboration featuring special doughnuts inspired by the popular American TV show FRIENDS. The doughnut shop has introduced four new flavors themed around the show, but these treats are currently only available in the United Kingdom. The special doughnuts became available on Monday, June 17. Fans of the show expressed disappointment over not being able to enjoy these themed doughnuts in the USA, despite the show's American origin.

The limited availability of these themed doughnuts abroad has caused frustration among American fans, especially given the show's deep American roots and massive following in its home country.

Krispy Kreme Donuts Friends Menu

The new doughnuts inspired by the sitcom come in four distinct flavors that creatively reflect different aspects of the show. Snackolator shared a preview on Instagram showcasing these Krispy Kreme creations. One doughnut, titled 'FRIENDS,' pays homage to the show's opening title sequence with a white chocolate representation of the Washington Square Park fountain.

The second doughnut, named The Trifle Friends, features a sweet combination of strawberries and custard, topped with chocolate and green sprinkles. The third option, The How You Doin'?, boasts mango-flavored frosting and passionfruit atop a purple-dipped doughnut. The fourth flavor, We Were On a Coffee Break, showcases a white chocolate Central Perk logo at its center, complemented by chocolate swirls and latte-flavored frosting.krispy kreme donuts friends uk

Krispy Kreme Friends Donuts Launch Only In UK Leaves US Fans Disappointed

Fans of the show expressed confusion and disappointment over the limited availability of the themed doughnuts, which are only accessible in the UK despite the show's New York City setting. Many fans voiced their frustration on social media, commenting on Snackolator's preview post.

One user expressed frustration, stating, “this is where I am just confused by the decision making process. Friends was a huge US show (I know it is big internationally as well, but come on), yet this is a UK thing, wtf? I love getting to see all of these cool flavors and snacks, but it’s also showing me how much we miss out on.”

Another fan lamented, “I’m a huge Friends fan and I would’ve loved to see these donuts in a Krispy Kreme shop in the US.”

A third user echoed the sentiment, questioning, “UK? Bruh why not NY”.

Another commenter jokingly asked, "Why wouldn't this very American phenomenon be released in America... do they hate us?"