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Here's How Taylor Swift Is Impacting The Super Bowl Ads This Year

The Super Bowl ads this year are set to make a significant impact with a focus on diverse representation and humor, spurred in part by Taylor Swift's influence and the anticipation of increased female viewership. As brands embrace this shift, viewers can expect a refreshing array of commercials showcasing powerful women and engaging storylines.

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Taylor Swift's Impact on Super Bowl Ads in 2024 Photo: AP & Getty Images

Of course, women also watch the Super Bowl! This year, a multitude of advertisers also anticipate their heightened presence. Health and beauty companies, some debuting, are entering the competitive arena alongside beverage, technology, and auto brands, which have traditionally dominated the event. Moreover, several established Super Bowl advertisers, such as M&M’S, are showcasing commercials that portray women differently, breaking away from the stereotypical image of women merely sipping soda in tight fits (designed for the male gaze).

Credit, or perhaps blame, can be attributed to singer Taylor Swift for this phenomenon. Her highly publicized relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has raised the possibility of a surge in female viewership for this Sunday’s game in Las Vegas. Since their relationship became public last October, Swift has already been acknowledged for contributing to a ratings increase in football.

Paul Hardart, a clinical professor of marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business, suggests that “Taylor Swift’s attendance at the Super Bowl will likely have a significant impact not only on the size of the audience but also its demographic make-up.”

“Swift boasts a massive, devoted fan base, and her relationship with Kelce adds an intriguing and romantic element to the event, making it even more appealing for brands to associate themselves with her presence,” he previously told CNN.

It is anticipated that at least 110 million viewers, and possibly more, will tune in to watch this year's showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Cardi B promotes Duck Plump lip gloss for L’Oreal NYX Professional Makeup during the Super Bowl, marking the brand's first time as an advertiser at the event. The company states that the commercial will showcase "powerful women" and promises it will be "hilarious." In another first, e.l.f. cosmetics brings together (some of) the cast of "Suits" in their Super Bowl ad, portraying lawyers summoning various celebrities to court.

According to a source familiar with ad sales, the cost of a 30-second ad ranges from $6.5 million to $7 million, and CBS announced last week that all ad slots have been sold. While the price is steep, industry analysts point out that Super Bowl commercials receive significantly more publicity and generate far more social media analysis and discussion compared to regular advertisements.

Naturally, the Super Bowl's customary advertisers are also in attendance, such as State Farm insurance, Oreos, TurboTax, and DoorDash. Anheuser-Busch's lineup of beers, including Bud Light, will feature the return of the Clydesdales for Budweiser.

However, this year's trend focuses on witty and humorous portrayals of women.

Actress Scarlett Johansson promotes M&M’S as a source of comfort after losing out at the Oscars twice. Jennifer Aniston is seen carrying an Uber Eats bag on a Hollywood set, playfully teasing her former "Friends" co-star David Schwimmer. Additionally, comedian Kate McKinnon engages in a thoughtful discussion about food waste in Hellman’s adorable commercial featuring "Mayo Cat."

Frito-Lay's, a regular Super Bowl advertiser, showcases "Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega in a supermarket scenario where she is shopping with two grandmothers. A fight with other shoppers erupts over the new spicy Doritos Dinamita chips, with the grandmothers emerging victorious.

As for at least one potential standout of the event, despite having performed in Japan the day before, Swift is expected to attend the Super Bowl. The Embassy of Japan in the US even issued a press release confirming that she can arrive in time for the event.