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Exceptionally Dangerous: What Is TikTok ’Door Kick Challenge’ That Led To The Arrest Of Florida Teens?

Two Florida teenagers have been arrested for participating in an "exceptionally dangerous" TikTok challenge, kicking in the front doors of four homes.

A snapshot of surveillance video. Photo: X

Two teenagers in Florida have been arrested for participating in an ‘exceptionally dangerous’ Tik Tok challenge. A surveillance video captured them kicking in the doors of residents' homes as part of TikTok’s ‘door kick’ challenge.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrests of the two 15-year-olds on multiple counts of burglary of a dwelling after they admitted to kicking in the front doors of four homes.

What is 'Door Kick' challenge?

The door kick challenge is just a dangerous version of an old prank. In the old days, kids would ring the doorbell or knock on the door and then run away to prank the owners, but in this new challenge, it is much more than just a knock. It involves pounding on the door and kicking it. And sometimes this even breaks the door open.

Spring Hill deputies said that they have investigated four incidents over the past two weeks where unknown individuals walked up to the front doors of homes in the early morning hours and kicked the doors, causing damage. In some instances, the impact of the kicks caused the doors to fly open.

Deputies reported that both boys, who lived within walking distance of the targeted homes, admitted to kicking in the front doors. One of the teens told detectives they were participating in a social media trend known as the "Door Kick Challenge" and claimed they never intended to enter any of the homes.

"This situation was exceptionally dangerous on several levels," said Sheriff Al Nienhuis. "First, there was a very good possibility that these young men could have been shot and killed by a homeowner lawfully defending their household. Second, if this had occurred, the homeowner would have been burdened with the fact that he or she killed two teenagers who were participating in a stupid activity."

Both the boys were arrested on four counts of burglary of a dwelling and taken to the Hernando County Detention Center, where they were processed and then released into the custody of their parents.