US Military Strikes Down Four Houthi Drones And Two Missiles In Yemen

US Military intercepts and destroys Houthi drones and cruise missiles poised for launch in Yemen


US Military

The US Military announced on Friday that it targeted and neutralized four Houthi drones and two anti-ship cruise missiles in Yemen and the Red Sea. The strike was executed after determining an imminent threat to both merchant vessels and US Navy ships, as stated by the Central Command.

These drones and cruise missiles were set to launch from areas controlled by the Houthi rebels in Yemen towards the Red Sea. Additionally, the military successfully intercepted three Houthi one-way attack drones near commercial ships in the Red Sea.

No damage was reported to any ships during the operation conducted on Thursday and Friday, according to the Central Command. Just a day before, the US military had executed four "self-defense" strikes against the Houthis, destroying seven anti-ship cruise missiles and a mobile ballistic missile launcher in Yemen.


Since November, Houthi rebels in Yemen have been targeting ships in the Red Sea, aiming to pressure the end of Israel's conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Notably, on Thursday, the rebels launched attacks on both Israel and a ship in the Gulf of Aden, setting the vessel ablaze. This incident showcased their ability to carry out assaults despite facing US-led airstrikes against their forces.