Korean Air Flight Witnesses Chaos Midair As Passengers Suffer Nose Bleeds, Ear Pain

Korean Air flight Boeing 737 Max 8 plane started descending sharply and fell about 26,900 feet in around 15 minutes after taking off from Incheon International Airport.

Korean Air flight.(Representational image) | Photo: AP

A Korean Air flight KE189 witnessed chaos after several passengers experienced hyperventilation and ear pain as the flight descended sharply due to a fault in the aircraft’s pressurization system. As a result, the flight was forced to take a U-turn and make an emergency landing at Incheon International Airport.

The flight reportedly dropped more than 25,000 feet midair due to the fault. The flight had earlier taken off from Seoul's Incheon International Airport and was headed for Taichung International Airport (RMQ) in Taiwan. The incident is said to have taken place on June 22.

After 50 minutes into its journey, the flight Boeing 737 Max 8 plane started descending sharply and fell about 26,900 feet in around 15 minutes, reports stated.

Reportedly, the message ''pressure system (pressure control function of the aircraft) abnormality'' was displayed while the aircraft was flying over Jeju Island.

Due to the fault, several passengers onboard the flight experienced hyperventilation and ear pain, prompting oxygen masks to be released inside the cabin of the plane.

Several passengers also recounted their ordeal. One passenger reportedly said that the children on the flight were crying when oxygen masks were deployed during the flight's plunge.

Another passenger said she felt something was amiss as the aircraft seemed to be hovering in the air and the flight attendants remained in their seats, as per Taipei Times.

Later, reports said 17 people were taken to the hospital for medical checkup.

Korean Air has apologised for the incident and launched an investigation into the cause of the malfunction and assured passengers that all necessary maintenance measures will be taken.