Jaahnavi Kandula Death: Indian Embassy Says Will ‘Ensure Justice’ To Victim’s Family As Case Taken Up For Review

Indian student Jaahnvi Kandula, 23, was struck in US’ Seattle by a police vehicle driven by Officer Dave when she was crossing a street in Seattle on January 23 last year.


The killed Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula. | Photo: X

Indian Embassy in US’ Seattle has said the case of an Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula’s killing has been taken up with a local authorities for a review.

Earlier, the authorities had said the police officer who struck and killed Kandula while responding to an overdose call in Seattle will not face any criminal charges due to lack of "sufficient" evidence.

“On the recently released investigation report of the King County Prosecution Attorney on the unfortunate death of Jaahnavi Kandula, Consulate has been in regular touch with the designated family representatives and will continue to extend all possible support in ensuring justice for Jaahnavi and her family,” Indian Embassy in Seattle announced in a social media post on X.


It added: “We have also raised the matter strongly with local authorities, including Seattle Police for appropriate redress. The case has now been referred to Seattle City Attorney’s office for review. We await completion of Seattle Police's administrative investigation and will continue to monitor progress on the case.”

Earlier, the King County Prosecutor’s Office had said on Wednesday that they will not move forward with criminal charges against Seattle Police Officer Kevin Dave.

Jaahnvi Kandula, 23, was struck by a police vehicle driven by Officer Dave when she was crossing a street in Seattle on January 23 last year. The cop was on the way to a report of a drug overdose call and was driving 74 mph (more than 119 kmh).


Kandula was thrown 100 feet when she was struck by the speeding police patrol vehicle.

In bodycam footage released by the Seattle Police Department, Officer Daniel Auderer laughed about the deadly crash and dismissed any implication Dave might be at fault or that a criminal investigation was necessary.

Auderer, who was not involved in the January collision, was captured in the video saying, "But she is dead" and laughing while on the phone.

She was 26 anyway," Auderer said in the video. "She had limited value."

King County Prosecuting Attorney Leesa Manion said that she believes they lack the evidence to prove a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt, the report added.

The statement also said that the prosecutor's office finds the comments made by Seattle Police Officer Daniel Auderer, recorded on his body-worn video, "appalling and deeply troubling."

"As egregious as Officer Auderer’s comments are, they do not change the PAO’s legal analysis into the conduct of Officer Dave. It is the Office of Police Accountability that bears the responsibility of disciplinary investigation and proceedings relating to Officer Auderer’s comment, not the PAO," the statement said.

Jaahnvi Kandula was a graduate student at Northeastern University at the Seattle campus. The university said in January 2023 that they would award her degree posthumously and present it to her family.