As Israel Nears Decision On Border Offensive With Lebanon, Hezbollah Says 'Ready For All Out War'

The conflict between the Israel and Hezbollah has escalated after Israeli forces launched an strike against the militatn group in southern Lebanon, killing three fighters.

Aftermath of Israeli strikes in southern Lebanon Photo: AP

As Israel mulls over launching an offensive at its borders with Lebanon, Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah has stated that it would not like to escalate the conflict, however, it stands ready for an "all out war" as hostilities continue to flare.

Amid the Gaza war, Hezbollah and Israeli forces have been exchanging fire for the past eight months after the group announced its support for Hamas.

However, in the recent days, the conflict between the two has escalated especially after Israel launched an strike against Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon.

In response to the attack, which also killed three Hezbollah fighters, the Lebanese militant group a "swarm of drones" in northern Israel.

After Hezbollah's swarm of drones the Israel Defence Forces have been mulling over the possibility of launching a full blown attack against Hezbollah.

"We are approaching the point where a decision will have to be made, and the IDF is prepared and very ready for this decision. We have been attacking here for eight months and Hezbollah is paying a very, very high price," stated IDF Chief of Staff Major General Herzi Halevi.

Meanwhile, as Israel nears its decision regarding the conflict, Hezbollah's deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem has stated that the group does not want to escalate hostilities.

However, Qassem added that the group "is ready for the battle and will not allow Israel to secure any victories”.

"Any Israeli expansion of the war on Lebanon will be met with devastation, destruction and displacement in Israel. If Israel wants to fight an all-out war, we are ready for it," he added.