01 January 1970

Poem: Getting It Right By Vibha Batra

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Poem: Getting It Right By Vibha Batra

Poet Vibha Batra writes a poem for Outlook on getting it right in life.

Artwork by Samit Das
Artwork by Samit Das

Paid all dues
Nothing to regret
Nothing to rue
On offer, if at all
A few words of praise
A fleeting feeling of walking tall
A passionate daze
Whatever it may be, it can't be any different
Nor can it be more
Than a new scent
Another shore

Change is not the only constant
A life bound by another thread
The villainy of time dangling them like toys
With little regard for fears, sorrows, joys
A change of heart
A new name, a fresh start
The old litany of complaints
Traded for thrills new
Conditioning’s askew
Love’s heartbroken song

Notions of right and wrong
Of being a misfit
Perhaps in another time, another life
In another tragi-comic skit
Discuss the meaning of life
Paradoxes, God’s existence, the reason for strife
Never to hold it close
Or love the idea of he, she, me

Chance after chance after chance
To try and become what we simply weren’t meant to be

(Vibha Batra is an award-winning and bestselling author, graphic novelist, advertising consultant, poet, lyricist, translator, playwright, script writer, travel writer, columnist, speaker, and creative writing mentor. She has published 20 books and over 100 short stories.)