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A Poem On Beauty Of Life

Sandeep Jain, who writes under the name Timeless Poetry, writes a poem for Outlook.

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Life is beautiful

Sharing and caring, the foundation of life 

Caring and sharing...the foundation, from which all my growth I derive 

Sharing and caring, the transactional reality 

The byproduct of love...which spreads as duality 

Parents mine shared their life and for each other cared

And I was born, as a result of

the love expressed in sharing and caring by this loving pair 

The trees and plants...oxygen they exhale 

To live...the same oxygen we inhale 

Everywhere in the universe...effortless sharing and expectation-less caring abounds 

Love births everything yet in each one as love abounds 

Knowingly now I experience this sharing 

In awareness now I experience this caring 

Life is beautiful 

In love I care 

In love I share 

Timeless poetry 

Life is beautiful

(Sandeep Jain, who writes under the name Timeless Poetry, is a real estate agent for whom words flow endlessly.)