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‘Yeh Meri Family 3’ On Amazon MiniTV Review: Rajesh Kumar-Juhi Parmar’s 90’s Family Drama Gets You Nostalgic But Is Getting Stereotypical Now

Outlook Rating:
3.5 / 5

Amazon MiniTV is back with a new season of ‘Yeh Meri Family’. Is the Rajesh Kumar and Juhi Parmar starrer show worth your time? Read the full review to find out.

A Still From ‘Yeh Meri Family 3’
A Still From ‘Yeh Meri Family 3’ Photo: Instagram

After having two massively successful seasons of ‘Yeh Meri Family’, TVF is back with another new season of the show taking you back once again to the 90’s. This time over there weren’t too much of promotions and they just came up with a minimalistic plan to rely heavily on word-of-mouth publicity. Here’s all you need to know about the show’s third season.

‘Yeh Meri Family 3’: Story

Set in the spring of 1995, this season of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ delves deeper into the family dynamics of the Awasthi family. The numerous ups and downs in their daily lives is the soul of this season, which takes you back once again to simpler times when there were no smartphones or social media to take you through the day.

‘Yeh Meri Family 3’: Performances

Just like the second season of the show, Anngad Maaholay delivers another great performance. The little youngster managed to amaze you last time with his crazy antics but this time over you’ll get to see him start maturing as well. Yes, he still has those quirks any kid would have at that age, but what’s interesting is that he has started learning how to deal maturely with them and that coming of age is showing in his performance as well. His spontaneity is slightly lesser than what it was in the previous season, but he has made up for it with this sense of understanding when it comes to his sister.

Hetal Gada does well to bring out the issues of adolescence really well. However, you might slightly miss the kind of fights that she used to have with her onscreen brother in the previous season. This season, just like Anngad Maaholay’s character seems to have grown up, same way even Hetal Gada’s persona seems to have matured. She is more of a caring sister now. Her performance is good even though you miss that spunk in her act.

Rajesh Kumar and Juhi Parmar are perfect in their roles as the father and mother. Not only that, their chemistry onscreen as husband and wife is so apt that you can actually see such situations happening in your own married life, or better still you may have seen such situations happen in your parent’s life. That relatabilit to reality that they’re able to bring is great. The situation in one of the episodes where the grandmother tries to take over the birthday celebrations for her son, and that causes a minor rift between the grandmother and the wife (Juhi Parmar) and the entire situation is so relatable that even after almost 30 years it still feels like it happens every day in your life. Trust me, that’s one situation that’s going to remain the same even if we are 30 years ahead in 2054.

It is good to see that Veena Mehta has this time got an entire episode dedicated to her where she is the main protagonist of the episode. It wasn’t the case in the previous season. She definitely brings in the perfect vibes of a grandmother and what’s you would like about her.

‘Yeh Meri Family 3’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

The writing by Vipul Mayank, Abdullah Khan, Seema Sawhney Sharma, Ayush Tiwari and Pooja Sharma makes sure that you’re dipped into nostalgia. Every scene makes you feel as if it’s drenched with childhood memories and gives you that perfect vibe of the 90’s. However, while they’re getting into the ups and downs of the family, some of the situations can only be understood be people who’ve lived through the 90’s either as a kid or as an adult. People born after the 90’s might not be able to relate to quite a few of the situations, which would restrict their understanding of those family issues.

Rahib Siddiqui’s direction definitely manages to pique your nostalgia factor. He is able to hit you with those dialogues or the situations or with the feel of the scene that you’re bound to end up reminiscing your childhood. He keeps the simplicity factor high and the makes you get emotional every episode. What’s slightly a cause of worry is that every episode he has tried to use the same background song to express a similar genre of emotions towards the climax of every episode. Had all the episodes been differently climaxed, it would have increased the viewing pleasure. You can’t be having the father and the mother at the wrong ends every time. There has to be occasions when the parents were right and they took a strict and bold step which eventually came out good for the kids. That part somewhat sticks out as a sore thumb.

‘Yeh Meri Family 3’: Cast & Crew

Director: Rahib Siddiqui

Cast: Rajesh Kumar, Juhi Parmar, Hetal Gada, Veena Mehta, Anngad Maaholay

Available On: Amazon MiniTV

Duration: 5 Episodes, Around 30 Minutes Each

‘Yeh Meri Family 3’: Can Kids Watch This?


Outlook’s Verdict

Yeh Meri Family 3’ is without a doubt very relatable and takes you on a really good nostalgic journey of the 1990s, but what’s slightly getting stereotypical is that almost every season is starting to look a bit similar. The issues are sometimes so small that excepting the 90’s and the previous generations, the younger generations aren’t going to connect too much to the issues talked about. They can now start looking out for familial issues which were a problem even in the 90’s and continue even today. That would make the show a lot more versatile. Besides that, there is not too much that’s gone wrong in this season of the show. Overall, it’s a Great Binge Watch. I am going with 3.5 stars.