Monday, Aug 08, 2022

World Chocolate Day: Celebrities Share Their Favourite Chocolate Dishes

Sinful, delicious, and mouth-watering are just some of the ways these celebrities describe their favourite dessert, chocolate. Here is everything about chocolate that they love!

TV Celebs On World Chocolate Day
TV Celebs On World Chocolate Day Instagram

People say that chocolate is the best medicine. Many consider it as a great cure for a bad day. As everyone across the globe celebrates World Chocolate Day, here are a few of your favourite celebs that open up about their love for chocolates. Also, they reveal what their favourite dishes are with chocolate.

Hrishikesh Pandey

I love chocolates! Most of the time, for birthdays and anniversaries, we gift chocolates. When you are meeting somebody for the first time, whether that person is a kid or an adult, you can always give chocolates and everyone appreciates that. My favourite one is Choco Pie and mousse. I love hot chocolate with ice cream. Chocolate improves your mood and dark chocolate is very good too. It’s my favourite. It’s true that if anyone feels dull or down you can have chocolate and you feel really pumped up.

Charrul Malik


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Every day is Chocolate Day for me. The key is to eat in moderation. I am not that fond of dark chocolate, I am fond of mild chocolates which have a milky touch to it. I love chocolates with nuts inside them as that way we consume dry fruits too. Talking about chocolate desserts, I love chocolate toffee. It’s a special dessert that you get at Golden Dragon in Taj. I just love it as it has ice cream, caramel and chocolate. I go there once a month. I love the chocolate from the brand Kisses. Chocolate lifts your mood and you feel happy and you get an instant kick. Even if you are tired or stressed you can just have some chocolate and you will feel relaxed. I am not addicted to chocolates, chocolates are addicted to me! There is always a good cure for a bad day i.e. chocolate. I would say don’t resist chocolates.

Chitra Vakil Sharma

I make sure I celebrate every occasion with some or maybe a lot of chocolate. Be it a cake, ice cream, or any other form of dessert, chocolate is loved in my house by everyone. We love to enjoy it on birthdays, anniversaries, or even Tuesday’s ‘wink wink’. We even started a charity venture in the memory of my father called Tamstreat, he loved his chocolates very much and some of our fondest memories of him include his fridge full of chocolates. My most favourite dessert is a good KitKat milkshake which I usually make at home, it's the best I’ve ever had, and having a good dessert definitely lifts up your mood. As some might say chocolate is the best medicine and I am a true believer in it.

Aditya Deshmukh

You can never say no to chocolates. You don’t need any time or occasion to have chocolates, just have it anytime or any moment. In today’s time, chocolates have replaced all the sweets. Even if you go to someone’s place you gift them chocolates. People belonging to any age group love chocolates. My favourite chocolate dessert is the chocolate mousse. I love Theobroma’s chocoholic cake mouse. Chocolate definitely lifts up anybody’s mood. Anything that has a combination of sugar and bitterness together lifts up your mood. Chocolate can never go wrong anywhere anytime. Nothing can replace chocolates.