Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Vikram Singh Chauhan Is Looking Forward To Embrace Fatherhood

Actor Vikram Singh Chauhan celebrated his one year marriage anniversary recently and is set to become a father soon.

Vikram Singh Chauhan
Vikram Singh Chauhan Instagram/ @vikramsingh_chauhan

Television actor Vikram Singh Chauhan is in for double celebration. The actor is complete one year of his marriage on April 27 and is set to become father soon. Chauhan is expecting his first child with his corporate lawyer wife, Sneha Shukla. 

Chauhan exclusively told Bombay Times, “I am very excited. I did not plan it this way, but we consider it God’s blessing. This is our honeymoon baby and both Sneha and I look forward to becoming parents.”

He was asked as to why he kept it hidden, the actor replied, “I am a private person and prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to family matters. That’s why Sneha and I connect so well. She understands my nature. I am very happy when I am around her and she helps me open up and share my views and perspectives on life. I met Sneha when I used to work in a corporate firm and we became friends. Finally, after many years of dating and knowing each other, we got married last year.”

Talking about his life post marriage, Chauhan said, “Life hasn’t changed much except that Sneha became pregnant and my respect for women has gone many levels higher. She suffered from COVID-19 during the pregnancy and we had to be extremely cautious. I could only be around her as a support system, but she endured it all with a lot of patience and no tears. It is not easy for a pregnant woman when she falls sick because the doctor advises against medicines since it also affects the child. But now we are out of it and are looking forward to the baby arrival.”

Acknowledging the new responsibilities, Chauhan said that he is not nervous and added, “I don’t see it as a responsibility. I have been working for many years now and will always be around for my child. That’s why I would prefer to work in finite projects. Also, life has been kind and even if I am not working, I do invest in stocks and other business projects which help me. Sneha is also a working professional and leads a team in her office. Acting is my passion and it brings more creativity to my life.”