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'Uncle Samsik' Teaser Review: Song Kang-ho Turns Enigmatic And Dubious In His Television Debut Series

'Uncle Samsik' will stream on May 15.

'Uncle Samsik' Photo: YouTube

Disney+ Hotstar seems to be keeping its promise of delivering an exciting line-up of K-Dramas this year. One such release announcement is of ‘Uncle Samsik,’ for which anticipation is running high, thanks to its star-studded cast.

The massively talented ensemble cast includes Byun Yo-han, Jin Ki-joo, Lee Kyu-hyung, and Seo Hyun-woo among others. In the main titular role, we will see Song Kang-ho, who starred in the Oscar-winning ‘Parasite,’ making his first appearance in a drama.

Song Kang-ho portrays Uncle Samsik, who is both admired and disliked by many. He has this mysterious yet captivating aura surrounding him that leaves everyone who meets him filled with curiosity. His real name is Park Doo-chil, but he’s nicknamed Uncle Samsik because he makes sure to provide three meals a day for himself even during the difficult war period. (FYI, the word ‘samsik’ translates to ‘three meals’ in Korean). On the other hand, there’s Byun Yo-han who plays the role of Kim San. He’s an elite student hailing from the Korea Military Academy with big dreams of transforming the country for the better.

Set in the 1960s against the backdrop of the turbulent wartime in Korea, the drama revolves around the lives of these two men who are complete opposites of each other and have differing opinions even they face a crisis-like situation.

The teaser starts with different characters talking about the titular character and hinting at the challenges he will come across on his adventures. Throughout the footage, you hear people calling out for Uncle Samsik, with Jin Ki-joo’s character directly addressing him. There’s also a scene where Kim San wonders what Uncle Samsik means, and someone then explains the nickname. Towards the end, Song Kang-ho’s Doo-chil expresses his affection for the nickname, saying, “Everyone calls me that out of love and respect. I love it so much, my nickname.”

The teaser is brief and crisp. It has shrouded mystery around what one should expect from what’s going to unfold. There seems to be a lot of suspense and various plot twists and turns that one would not have seen coming in this period drama. Many fans are excited to see Tiffany Young as a supporting role in the forthcoming series. The teaser has effectively left viewers eager to uncover the mysteries surrounding Doo Chil’s adventures, and how he would help Kim San on his ambitious quest.

Additionally, while announcing the release date of the upcoming K-Drama, the makers released a poster featuring Song Kang-ho. Have a look at it.

Written and directed by Shin Yeon-shick, ‘Uncle Samsik’ is scheduled to release on May 15 and will be available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.