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Uma Thurman’s Iconic 'Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2' On Lionsgate Play: Here Are Some Of The Most Iconic Moments From The Franchise

As we celebrate the homecoming of 'Kill Bill', here are some of the most iconic moments from the franchise.

Uma Thurman in 'Kill Bill'

Uma Thurman’s legendary 'Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2' is back as it is streaming on Lionsgate Play from July 21. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, 'Kill Bill' is packed with action, violence and criminal genius. Having scored over 72 kills in both volumes, Thurman’scharacter is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most lethal female assassins till date. A pop culture revelation, the film is often regarded as one of the most gripping revenge stories in cinematic history. As we celebrate the homecoming of 'Kill Bill', here are some of the most iconic moments from the franchise.

Bye Bye Buck-o

When Beatrix Kiddo aka ‘The Bride’ wakes up from her four-year-long coma, her memory comes racing back. Realizing that Buck, her so-called ‘caretaker’ has been abusing her, she unleashes all her fury and offers him the bitter taste of revenge. As she slashes his ankle and bangs his head between the door till he breathes his last breath, Uma Thurman is living proof that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  

The Bride Vs 88 Sword-Wielding Goons

Regarded as one of Tarantino’s best action sequences, in this deadly showdown, Beatrix comes face to face with the Crazy 88 who absolutely obliterates them. With flawlessly choreographed swipes and jabs, Uma Thurman emerges as the blood-drenched victor. Squandering aimlessly on the floor, she loudly proclaims - ‘Those Of You Lucky Enough To Still Have Their Lives, Take Them With You! However, Leave The Limbs You’ve Lost! They Belong To Me, Now!’

Surviving A Shotgun To The Chest

In Volume 2, after several warnings from Bill, Budd is prepared for Beatrix’s arrival as he locks and loads his shotgun in anticipation. Hitting her in the chest with a not-so-lethal shot, Budd with the help of a friend buries her. But turns out, putting ‘The Bride’ to rest isn’t as easy as it looks. Owing to her intensive training, she breaks through the coffin like a phoenix rising from its ashes to finish what she started.

An Eye For An Eye

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind, however in this case it's Elle Driver that loses sight. In perhaps one of the goriest scenes of the film, our feisty protagonist faces Elle Driver, her one-eyed rival in an explosive fight scene. A dark twist to the idiom, Beatrix gouges out Elle’s other eyeball leaving her blind and resumes her voyage to vengeance proving once again that she is someone worth being watched out for.

The Five Palm Technique

The five-palm technique is what Bill’s nightmares are made of. Having slaughtered anything and everything that stood in her way, ‘The Bride’ finally faces her ultimate nemesis in the climax of Volume 2. In an oddly calm conversation, both Bill and Beatrix exchange words, before they raise their swords for a final showdown. Taking his sword hostage - she hits him with the five-palm heart explosion technique, leaving him to wander off to his death.