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Tiger Shroff Talks Fitness, Film, And 'Breaking Gender Norms' With Fashion

In this interview, Tiger Shroff shares his perspective on breaking gender norms in fashion while also hinting at surprises that lie ahead for his fans.

Tiger Shroff

Renowned Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff recently sat down with the writer for an exclusive interview sharing insights into his fitness journey, passion for dance, personal fashion choices, and upcoming film, "Badey Miyan and Chotey Miyan." In this interview, Tiger Shroff, who was in Delhi for the launch of the Carrera X Prowl eyewear collection, shares his perspective on breaking gender norms in fashion while also hinting at surprises that lie ahead for his fans.

Excerpts from the Interview:

Dedication to fitness and dance

Tiger shared that he started dancing just five years before his debut film and considers it an important means of self-expression. “I started dancing just five years prior to my debut film but for me, it’s very important. For me,  it’s not only about fitness but I am able to express myself through it so yeah, dancing is close to me.  His love for dance goes hand in hand with his commitment to fitness, which he began at the age of 15. “Well, fitness is something that I started when I was 15 years old,” he says.

For Tiger, fitness is not solely about physical well-being but also about expressing himself through movement.

Style Inspiration

When asked about his style inspiration, Tiger Shroff revealed that he doesn't have a particular style icon. “I prefer wearing clothes that define my personality,” he says.

Fashion choices and brand preferences: According to Tiger, the key factor in fashion choices is not the store or brand but how well the clothes align with one's personality. He emphasizes the importance of finding clothes that connect with who you are rather than focusing solely on brands.

Style statement and fashion essentials

 Tiger Shroff describes himself as a fashion enthusiast who loves experimenting with clothes and style. “I can be called a fashion enthusiast who loves experimenting with his clothes and style statement. I have made clothing choices that have broken gender norms and the definition of traditional clothing. For me it would be sleeveless t-shirts, earthy tones clothes, Jeans of course, and my pyjama,” he says.

His top five fashion must-haves include sleeveless t-shirts, earthy-tone clothes, jeans, and his favorite pajamas.

Singing aspirations

Acknowledging his interest in singing, Tiger mentioned that Nick Jonas recently admired his rendition of the song 'Maan Meri Jaan.' While he didn't confirm singing in his films, he hinted that surprises work best.

Favorite tracks

When asked about his favorite tracks, Tiger Shroff mentioned that the most recent song he sang stands out among his current favorites.

Fitness routine

Tiger follows a dedicated fitness regime, allocating at least two hours each day for workouts. “ I also plan my workout routine which has different techniques. Sometimes I mix cardio with a few dance steps and martial arts. However, my main focuses remain muscular strength through weight training,” he says.

"Badey Miyan and Chotey Miyan" and its unique appeal

 Looking ahead to the release of his upcoming film, "Badey Miyan and Chotey Miyan," Tiger expressed excitement about showcasing it to the world. While he believes all his movies are distinct from one another, he urged audiences to witness the action sequences firsthand. “The action sequence I would want you to go and watch it personally,” he sums up.

Collaboration with Carrera X Prowl          

Tiger Shroff expressed his special bond with the Carrera brand, emphasizing his long-standing admiration for its sunglasses. “It’s a brand that holds a great legacy. Carrera is a brand that I have admired and used since forever, therefore I chose to associate with a brand that resonates with me and my values and the youth of today,” he says.

The inspiration behind Carrera X Prowl

Being an outdoorsy person with a deep fascination for eyewear, Tiger Shroff aimed to create a product that personally resonated with him. The Carrera Prowl collection reflects his own persona and serves as an ideal lifestyle accessory for the dynamic and constantly on-the-move youth.