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Sushmita Sen's Brother Rajeev Sen's Marriage With Charu Asopa In Troubled Waters Again?

It seems that actor Rajeev Sen and his wife Charu Asopa's marriage is in troubled waters again because lately, they are not posting pictures together on Instagram.

Rajeev Sen, Charu Asopa
Rajeev Sen, Charu Asopa Instagram

Actress Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and actress Charu Asopa got married on June 9, 2019. The two, who welcomed a baby girl into their lives four months ago, have not been posting their happy pictures for a while. A few days ago Asopa left for her hometown Bikaner with her daughter Ziana, and the actor shared that he has been missing her.

Asopa also celebrated her birthday alone this time with Ziana and her family. One of her birthdays post read "This birthday is very very special, thank you God for giving me the best birthday gift ever , I love you my jaan …. #Zianasen (sic)."

Both of them have not said anything publicly, but the fans have started to notice Rajeev Sen's absence from Asopa and Ziana's lives.

One wrote, "First birthday with ur baby and your husband is nowhere around sharing the happy moment. Not even with you celebrating. What is wrong with him? You did not even see your parents for ages, I thought in India you come to mum's place to have your first baby. Kaisi shaadi hai yeh (sic)."

Another asked in one of her posts, "Where is your husband? He didn't visit to meet his in-laws... (sic)."

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While this is not the first time differences have been seen between the couple. Before having a baby too, the couple had massive differences. However, they were soon back together after resolving the misunderstandings.