Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Meera Chopra On Asexuality: High Time We Realise One's Right To Deny Having Sex Altogether

Priyanka Chopra's Sister Meera Chopra, crusades against the taboo topic of 'asexuality'. She is set to come up with a film on the subject called ‘Superwoman’.

Meera Chopra
Meera Chopra Instagram

Asexuality is still taboo in the country. Most are alien to the entire concept or do not wish to understand the same. Actress Meera Chopra took to Instagram to speak about the less-discussed topic a little while ago.

Meera Chopra took to her Instagram story and wrote, "Sex shouldn't be a compulsion, it should be a choice! Having no interest in sex shouldn't be a taboo, it's just a healthy sexual orientation (sic)."

Meera Chopra On Asexuality
Meera Chopra On Asexuality Instagram

Talking about the same, the actress further states, "It is appalling to read, learn that people have been turning a blind eye towards 'asexuality' for decades. There are so many individuals who are naturally not drawn towards sex, and this is supremely their sexual orientation.”

She adds, “Asexuality is a form of sexual orientation just like heterosexuality or bisexuality or anything else. It is a personal choice. While working on my upcoming film ‘Superwoman’ I came across ample data that highlighted the distant or partial behaviour of the family members, friends and families when an individual opens up to them about their sexuality. They usually become a laughing stock, attract ridicule, and experience biased behaviour in their personal and professional lives.”

“Treating the asexuals as normal is something that really needs to be propagated. We are living in 2022, it's high time the citizens of India realise the eminence of one's right to deny having sex altogether."