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Sunny Leone On Celebrities Becoming Victims Of Deepfake: Happened To Me For Years, It's Not A Recent Issue

Sunny Leone also talked about her recently-launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatar, apart from speaking on deepfake menace. 


Sunny Leone

Joining the bandwagon of Artificial Intelligence, Sunny Leone has become the latest celebrity to come up with her AI avatar. Speaking on her decision to enter the virtual world, the actress also got candid about how technology has been misused for years.

Talking about her AI avatar, Sunny mentioned that it will only indulge in conversations that she is okay with. She told India Today, "I have answered a number of probable questions and given information that I was okay with sharing. My avatar will not answer questions that are inappropriate or that would be offensive or even violent. Or in any way hurt someone's sentiments. All the information has been fed by me.”


While AI is considered to be a threat to creative professionals, Sunny compared it to probably like the 'Wild West' with everyone trying to figure out how to work with it. She said, “It is the shiny new penny at the moment and everyone is trying new things out. More than the fear of being replaced, celebrities are worried about their likeness being misused. We saw that happening a lot last year where fake photos, videos and even voices were put out, leading to a menace."

Talking about deepfake, Sunny mentioned how she or no one can take precautions as it all depends on the person behind that malicious video. She added, "It's a menace that's been going on for a long time. It's not a recent issue as many believe it to be."


Sunny further added how such things have happened to her and she does not think about it or let it affect her psychologically or mentally. She signed off, “But there are young girls who have to sometimes face the stigma, but they should understand it's not their fault. They did nothing wrong. If something like this happens, they can always go to the cyber cell and brief the officers about the case. Tell them your identity and likeness has been misused. The police will take action. And even on social media, there is technical help available where you can report these issues. The system is with you, you just need to do it.”

On the work front, Sunny Leone would soon be hosting Splitsvilla 15 with actor Tanuj Virwani.