Monday, Aug 08, 2022

Ricky Kej After Winning 2nd Grammy: The Only Kind Of Music That I Want To Make Is About Sustainability

Music composer, Ricky Kej won 'Best New Age Album' at the 2022 Grammys and made India proud again. The singer-composer said that winning the award made him feel like he has made the right choices so far.

Ricky Kej
Ricky Kej Instagram/ @rickykej

Music composer Ricky Kej has yet again made India proud at the Grammys this year. He won the award for his album 'Divine Tides’ and said that it was the recognition of his choices. Kej won the award in collaboration with, the founder and drummer of the band ‘The Police’, Stewart Copeland. They won the award in ‘Best New Age Album’ category. 

“The second Grammy win is a beautiful recognition of my life choices. Because I don’t do pop music, film music or any Bollywood music. I took a very strong stance that the only kind of music that I’m going to make is music that is reflective of my feelings. I feel strongly about making this world a better place, that’s the only kind of music that I make. And these awards are a very good encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing,” Kej told the Hindustan Times over a call.

For the unversed, Kej is a musician and environmentalist and is determined to continue on the path till the very end. He said, “The only kind of music that I want to make is about sustainability and about positive social impact. I am going to carry on, no matter what happens.”

Kej was born in the US and has lived in Bengaluru as well. He won his first Grammy in 2015 for ‘Winds of Samsara’ album in the same category. However, the 2022 win is a special one for Kej, as he said, “This win is even more special because I won a Grammy along with my childhood hero Copeland. He is somebody who I have grown up listening to. He has shaped my musical ideas and my thoughts since my childhood. I had his posters on my walls, and to actually stand on stage and to win a Grammy Award with him was just an amazing experience.”

Surprisingly, Kej met his collaborator Copeland for the first time just a week ago. Kej added, “We created Divine Tides remotely with Copeland in his studio in Los Angeles, and me being in Bengaluru over hundreds of virtual calls. And what was even more fun apart from winning the award itself was actually meeting him for the first time in person last week. I dedicate this win to him.”

Kej has attended many Grammys but talking about this year, he said it was special because the event happened in Las Vegas for the first time. While concluding Kej said, “Every piece of music that I create is primarily Indian, because it’s got that essence, be it a rock song or jazz. The Indian-ness in my music is very strong. I am thrilled that I’m able to represent India because that’s an amazing responsibility.”