Sunday, Sep 25, 2022

‘Siya’: 5 Reasons Why Manish Mundra’s Debut Directorial Should Be On Your Watch List

Manish Mudra’s directorial ‘Siya’ is a hard-hitting film on rape survivors. The film has become the talk of the town thanks to the cinematic intent and the way some of the scenes have been represented. Here are a few reasons why the movie must be on your watch it.

A Still From 'Siya'
A Still From 'Siya' Instagram

The recently released film ‘Siya’, which tells the tale of a 17-year-old girl surviving a heinous crime like sexual assault and her never ending struggle for justice has been receiving rave reviews and support from the entertainment fraternity. The film hit theatres recently and stars Vineet Kumar Singh and debutant Pooja Pandey in pivotal roles.

‘Siya’ also marks the debut of Manish Mundra as a director who is also known for producing a string of powerful independent movies like ‘Masaan’, ‘Ankhon Dekhi’, ‘Rukh’, ‘Newton’, ‘Dhanak’, ‘Umrika’ and many others.

For everyone who’s yet to watch the movie, here are 5 reasons why Manish Mundra’s ‘Siya’ is a must-have on your watch lists:

Authentic Shoot Locations

The film has been extensively shot in off-beat locations in Uttar Pradesh. The locations of the film are what add to the essence of the set-up of the film and completely get you hooked till the last.

Stellar Cast

The top-notch performances by the cast are one of the primary reasons one should watch this film right away. Debutant Pooja Pandey nails her role as ‘Siya’, the rape survivor, and Vineet Kumar Singh, as the lawyer trying to get her justice is excellent once again.

Powerful Message

‘Siya’ sends out an impactful message to the audience. The story revolves around ‘Siya’, a 17-year-old girl and her never ending journey to seek justice for the brutal crime of rape. The film is slowly growing on to become one of the best female-centric movies to have come out this year.

Depiction Of A Heinous Crime Without Barbaric Scenes

‘Siya’ is a story of a sexual assault survivor and the film very carefully highlights the crime without including any barbaric scenes. There is one abduction scene which is very intense and makes one sit back and ponder what just happened. The film makes you feel the emotion of a teenage girl who has to go through this monstrous act without traumatising the audience and that happens to be one of the highlights of the film.

‘Siya’ Brings To Fore The Storytelling Brand Of Manish Mundra

Producer Manish Mundra has turned into a director with ‘Siya’ and audiences are left impressed with his direction. The filmmaker has done a fabulous job, and his brand of cinema is also reflected in his own directorial venture. He has not gone for big stars despite being in the industry for over a decade. He has picked up actors who suited the part the best. Didn’t do an over-the-top promotion for the movie, and let the word-of-mouth help the film grow in viewership day by day. It’s a strategy that Mundra’s Drishyam Films has been implementing in almost all of its movies since its inception.