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Pankaj Tripathi: I Chose To Do 'Kadak Singh' Because My Role Was Very Challenging

Pankaj Tripathi opened up on the challenges while shooting 'Kadak Singh', working with Sanjana Sanghi, Paresh Pahuja and others. Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, the film will release on December 8 on Zee5.

Pankaj Tripathi

'Kadak Singh' starring Pankaj Tripathi has been creating all the right buzz. The trailer was recently launched at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), under the ‘Gala Premiere’ category. Directed by National Award-winning director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Tripathi is playing Kadak Singh/AK Shrivastava, who is a Joint Director at the Department of Financial Crimes struggling with retrograde amnesia.

Pankaj Tripathi opened up on working with the newcomers, challenges while shooting the film and more. Here are the excerpts: 

There are also some relatively newcomers in the film – Sanjana Sanghi, Paresh Pahuja, and Varun Buddhadev. How different is it working with the younger lot?

Nothing different, to be honest, everyone is sincere and hardworking. Everyone has worked very hard to reach the success that they have right now, so it wasn't different or anything as such. It was fun with them"

Any challenges while shooting for Kadak Singh? Any memorable scene?

A chilling sequence is there between a father and a daughter that is extremely vulnerable and different altogether. Apart from that, the audience will see and understand when they watch Kadak Singh on ZEE5. Talking about the challenges, I think the role I chose in the first place was because it was challenging. So, of course, challenges were there, but there was a lot of fun that people will watch the film and understand.

Even though Kadak Singh is a kadak character, his dialogue delivery still brings comic relief. How do you maintain that fine line between a serious role but with a comic relief without making the character too comical?

This story has two sides, and I had to make sure that I portray it and keep it balanced. Having said that, I needed to make sure that I neither went over the top nor under in that matter. So balancing was the key altogether, and I have tried to balance it."

'Kadak Singh' is all set to premiere on Zee5 on December 8.

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