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‘Panchayat 2’ Review: Jitendra Kumar’s Web Series Works On Rural Nostalgia And Emotions

TVF has come up with the new season of actor Jitendra Kumar’s ‘Panchayat 2’. Is the second season worth your time? Or can it be skipped? Here’s the full review.

'Panchayat 2' Review


Deepak Kumar Mishra


Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, Satish Ray

What’s It About

The story of Abhishek (played by Jitendra Kumar) moves on in the new season of ‘Panchayat’. Abhishek is still trying to clear his MBA entrance exams and get out of his government job at the panchayat office in the village of Phulera. However, with new oppositions coming in front of the village chief (played by Raghubir Yadav), Abhishek tries to stick his neck out to stand up for what’s right and what’s not. He, in turn, helps out the village chief, his family and the others in the village by trying to do some good deeds during his tenure as the secretary of the village panchayat. However, he keeps getting embroiled more and more in day-to-day politics. Will Abhishek be able to able to fulfil his dreams of clearing the MBA exam? Will the village folk slowly start becoming his immediate family? Will the panchayat members be able to stand strong against the abusive attitude of the local MLA? Well, you’ll have to watch the show for all that.

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What’s Hot

The writing by Chandan Kumar is once again the key factor which makes this story lovable. The nuances of rural village life, the loneliness attached to it, along with the day-to-day problems, have been very well depicted in the new season. The first season had already set the tone of what was going around, and this season just takes it to the next level with some new issues, troubles and problems to take care of. The major twist is the writing of the climax which turns the flow of the story from being a comedy-drama to an emotional ending.

Deepak Kumar Mishra’s direction is again top-notch. He has been able to make the story relatable in a way that not only would people from small towns and villages relate to it, but even people from bigger cities would get to see the story from a neutral point of view. The way Mishra has showcased the character of Abhishek, who is stuck in a job in a rural village that he doesn’t like, makes the story more relatable for the youth. The small cameo by Satish Ray also comes out very genuinely in between the story and doesn’t seem too forced. Also, the way Mishra has shot the climax will make you get emotional to the core.

In the acting department, everyone has decent performances. While Jitendra Kumar is the leader of the pack, but it is Ragubir Yadav and Chandan Roy who will win your hearts. Not only are their punches too good to miss out on, but even when there is an intense altercation between the characters, these three actors stand out from the rest. Satish Ray, in a small cameo, helps to give the story a necessary pivot point. Like last season, Neena Gupta’s character has been kept as a ticking bomb to explode only in the last episode of the season, which gives her character a great arc to look forward to.

The music by Anurag Saikia doesn’t have too much of an impact at the start, but the entire climax is dependent on his final score. The scene gets heavily emotional and the makers have used no dialogues but just this one song to tell the entire ending of the story. It will surely make the audience’s eyes go moist.

What’s Not

There is nothing too great about the cinematography in this season. Most of the shots by cinematographer Amitabha Singh are shot in real locations and therefore not much of his art gets explored.

There is also the love angle explored between Abhishek and Pradhan’s daughter Rinky. Even though it has been growing in the hindsight since season one, in this season it has been given a bit more fire. But honestly, it seemed unnecessary. Unless there is something big that comes out of this bond in the upcoming seasons of the show!

Also, the editing by Amit Kulkarni could have been a bit crisper. A couple of episodes in the middle could have lost about five minutes in their run time. Also, the unnecessary addition of an entire item song in the initial episode could have been easily trimmed down.


‘Panchayat 2’ tries to build on the first season’s plot, and the makers have managed to make it as good as the first season. The little nuances of rural life are most exciting to watch. With newer problems and newer tensions cropping up, the show definitely has grown in its arc. It’s a definite must-watch.