Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Money Heist Korea Makers Announce A Release Date

Money Heist Korea has set a release date, and the Professor guarantees the "biggest spectacle on earth."

Money Heist Review

'Money Heist', the Spanish heist series, ended in 2020, signalling the end of an era for the show's followers. However, there is some good news for those who have been missing the Professor and his company. The Korean translation of the drama will be available shortly, and Netflix has already confirmed the release date for the highly awaited series.

The show, titled 'Money Heist: Korea' – Joint Economic Area, will broadcast on June 24. The spectator gets to observe masked thieves as they organise one of the largest heists in their planet in a brief date announcement video.

Earlier this year, a teaser film was published that unveiled the whole cast of the programme. Yoo Ji-tae takes on the role of The Professor, which was initially played by lvaro Morte in the Spanish series. Park Hae Soo, who rose to stardom after appearing in Squid Game, is going to play Berlin, a part made famous by Pedro Alonso. Previously, in an interview with The Swoon, he described Pedro's rendition as "chic and cold-blooded." Berlin, according to Park, "had a valid cause for being chilly and swinging into becoming a villain." "Fans will get to witness a more human image of Berlin," he guaranteed.

"Korean creators have been crafting their own language and audiovisual culture for years," 'Money Heist' creator Alex Pina previously told Variety. They, like our series, have managed to transcend cultural boundaries and become a source of inspiration for thousands of viewers worldwide, particularly among young people."