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Kareena Kapoor Khan: Taimur, Jeh Should Know That Their Mother Also Goes To Work

The 41-year-old reveals that Taimur, who is about to turn six, shares a rather special equation with Saif.

Kareena Kapoor with husband Saif Ali Khan and kids

Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is often touted as one of the most candid, real and unfiltered celebrities, has also been applauded many times for raising her kids- Taimur and Jeh brilliantly amidst constant paparazzi pressure.

Taimur, who was born in 2016, instantly became an internet sensation and has many fan clubs already dedicated to him. Her second born, Jeh, who is one-and-a-half years old, has also become the apple of the eyes of shutterbugs and netizens. Ask her about how the little one is often caught on camera looking grumpy, Kareena laughs and says, “You can ask him that whenever he’s 18 or 20 and if, at all, he’s ready to answer these questions! Maybe, he appears grumpy because he wonders why people keep photographing him.”

Talking about her sons, Kareena asserts that it’s paramount that her boys grow up in a household that’s all about equal parenting and they realise that mothers, much like fathers, can be working professionals too.

“My kids have to understand that because both Saif and I are working parents. And it’s something I’ve always told Taimur. I’ve been going to work since he was seven months old. I make it a point to tell him that while on some days, I need to go out, on others, his father has too. It’s something that he has understood and both he and Jeh have to grow to understand that both of their parents work so that we all can have a good life," she says in an interview with Network 18.

Kareena has often been lauded for striking a fine balance between her career and motherhood, and she wants to normalise the same for her children. “They should respect that the woman of the house also works. They should know that their mother also goes to work. Work is a part of me that will always be there. This is how my boys will have to be brought up,” she shares.

The 41-year-old reveals that Taimur, who is about to turn six, shares a rather special equation with Saif, and the duo often bond over international cinema and series. “He has already skipped a generation due to his father and they watch Pirates Of The Caribbean, Star Wars and The Mandalorian together. These are the things that Saif likes and Taimur wants to be like him. He’s very close to his father. The boys all gang up against me!” she remarks.

She says that Saif and her, as parents, are very particular about Taimur’s screen time but adds, “He’s a boy who’s very bright, understanding and quite ahead of his age. He understands it when somebody tells him that something is not right and he isn’t supposed to do it. But both he and Jeh are very naughty. Boys, however, grow up and change. I’m sure things are going to change a lot. Having said that, at this age, he already has an eye for good cinema. On weekends, he gets to watch good movies. He doesn’t spend too much time on the screen even though one of us always has to monitor it.”

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