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International Dance Day 2023: Celebs Open Up About Who Their Favourite Dancer Is And Why

International Dance Day 2023: Celebs Open Up About Who Their Favourite Dancer Is And Why

As the world celebrates International Dance Day, TV celebs open up about their favourite Bollywood celebrity dancers and their aspiration to perform with them on stage someday.

International Dance Day
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Dance is a form of expression that allows us to convey emotions and tell stories. On International Dance Day, TV celebs discuss their favourite Bollywood celebrity dancers and their aspiration to perform with them on stage someday.

Have a look at what they all have to say:

Anita Pradhan

Dance runs in my veins, and I cannot imagine my life without it. Although people recognize me as an actress in this industry, they are unaware I am also a professional dancer and instructor. I keep performing all around the world. My roots belong to folk dance since I come from Jaipur. I represented Rajasthani folk dance during the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi on the Rajpath. Even though I am content with my journey as a dancer, I dream of performing with the stunning Rekha one day. I admire her as much as I admire the art of dance. I still watch her charismatic performances in songs like Salam-e-Ishq and Ankhon Ki Masti. I watched her movies on television and mimicked her movements and gestures. Someday, I hope to share the stage with her and perform one of her dancing routines.

Kamna Pathak

Dancing makes me feel relieved and confident. I was inspired to learn how to dance by the legendary actress Sridevi Ji. Even though she is no longer with us, I am certain that, like me, thousands of girls fell in love with dance after watching her perform. I have been a massive fan and have seen her movies multiple times. Nobody could match her energy and expression while performing any dance number. When I was in school, I danced to many of her songs. My friends called me 'Hamari Sridevi,' and I was overjoyed. If someone is your idol, their mannerisms are reflected in your dance moves. Sridevi Ji was undoubtedly the dancing queen of Bollywood, and I don't believe anyone can top her. She always left me in awe whenever I watched her perform in 'Mere hathon mein nau churiyan, Hawa Hawaii,' and many others. I always wished to share the stage with her, but that dream will remain unfulfilled. I dedicate this International Dance Day to my idol, Sridevi.

Shubhangi Atre

Madhuri Dixit is the epitome of dance in Bollywood, and I enjoy watching her dance with so much grace and style on screen. No one can match her perfection. The title 'Dancing Diva' is genuinely hers. As a dance enthusiast, I could watch her perform for hours, and her expressions and smiles were captivating. She inspired me to pursue my passion for dancing. Besides Bollywood, I appreciate Indian classical dance forms. Even if my work schedule is hectic, I take some time out to dance every day. I remember the day when Jackie Shroff Dada was shooting with us, and he compared me to the iconic Madhuri Ji. I was on cloud nine that day, and it was one of the most fulfilling compliments I had ever received. Madhuri Ji and I are trained Kathak dancers, and it is one of my dreams to perform with her. Fingers crossed, I hope everyone can use dancing as a medium to express themselves and stay fit. I wish everyone a spirited International Dance Day.

Sudhanshu Pandey

My favourite dancer is Justin Timberlake because I think he is one of the best break dancers. I don’t think I have seen such good locking and popping as he does.

Hansa Singh

I am a Latin dancer myself apart from Indian folk, so dancing is my form of expression. I just feel dancing is therapeutic. My favourite dancer is difficult to pick but I like Ranbir Kapoor for his ability to just be so fluid in his movements and cuteness and Ranveer Singh is like Pathaka. He fires up.

Kapil Khadiwala

Hritik Roshan is my all time favourite dancer, I think it’s mesmerising to see him dancing but I also like Govinda because he looks like he is always enjoying his moves.

Gaurav Singh

Hrithik Roshan is my favourite. There is no dance style he can not perform and his stupendous dancing skills are to die for. He is a delight to watch in motion. I loved his dance moves in the song Tu Meri from the film Bang Bang.

Simaran Kaur

Govinda is my all-time favourite dancer because his style is filled with joy that anyone with basic skills could perform it. He simplifies difficult dance steps, and his facial expressions are to die for.

Sneha Jain

I adore Hrithik Roshan because he has amazing dance moves. Dancing is not only about form and techniques, but also about personality. Hrithik carries himself confidently on stage, and his dancing abilities are extraordinary. So far, my favourite song of his is Ghungroo from the film War.

Megha Chakraborty

I am a trained Kathak dancer and I started dancing at the age of three. Dancing is my first love. When I dance, I experience an indescribable joy. Dancing is known to improve mental health, physical health and emotional health. It is also good for increasing self confidence. Madhuri Dixit, is one of the few dancers who has performed various dance styles and is one of the best dancers in Hindi cinema. Nobody comes close to MD when it comes to energy-filled body movements and perfect facial expressions...She performs every style flawlessly, whether it be western, Indian, solo, dual, classical, or bollywood. Her smile is like a cherry on top...Overall, she is the pinnacle of Indian Beauty and has exceptional dance and acting abilities.

Robin Sohi

Tiger Shroff is one of my favourite Dancer. When he dances, he can do some crazy moves. And whatever he does, he looks fantastic. Seeing him dance so smoothly, as if it were a cakewalk. When you try his moves, however, you realise how difficult they are. I wish I could dance like he does. When I see him dance, I automatically enjoy and groove to the music.

Monika Singh

Madhuri Dixit Nene is unquestionably one of my favourite Bollywood dancers. I could write a book about the reasons why I adore her. She represents grace and beauty. Each dance step is so different that seeing her perform is enlightening. I recall dancing to her music when I was a child. Her songs are so legendary that we still dance to them now. Bollywood songs are my absolute favourites, and I can't stop dancing to them each time they're played on. I'm an old-school at heart. My dancing playlist mostly comprises songs from the 1990s.

Aadesh Chaudhary

My favourite dancer is Ranveer Singh. Every time he performs, he puts on an incredible performance. He is energetic and when it comes to dancing, Ranveer Singh is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with. He has won our hearts with his captivating and endearing performances in roles ranging from Bittoo Sharma to Allaudin Khilji.