Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber: Top Five Highest Grossing Songs By The Pop Star

On Justin Bieber's 28th birthday we take a look at the five highest-grossing singles from the talented singer.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber
Canadian singer Justin Bieber Instagram

Today (March 1), Beliebers, as fans of pop star Justin Bieber prefer to call themselves, celebrate the singer's 28th birthday. With the release of his debut mini-album 'My World' in 2009, the singer and songwriter became a teen phenomenon. Bieber has released five albums since then, including 'My World 2.0', 'Under the Mistletoe', 'Believe', 'Purpose', and 'Changes'. From 'Baby' to 'Yummy,' here are some of the highest-grossing songs by the artist: 

'Love Yourself'

After a run of outstanding but production-heavy pop and dance songs, this Ed Sheeran-penned ballad stripped everything down, transforming Justin Bieber into an artist who could survive the distance. It's a song with a lot of simplicity, primarily just Bieber and an acoustic guitar, with a little trumpet tossed in for added effect. When 'Love Yourself' replaced 'Sorry' at the top of the British charts, Bieber became the first artist since Elvis Presley to dethrone himself from the top spot.


For many, this was the start of Justin Bieber's career. 'Baby,' which featured actor-rapper Ludacris, who was on Justin's label at the time, became one of the year's most-watched videos and a big international success in 2010. Looking back, it's evident that the star had something remarkable going on, and this single was the first significant step forward in terms of promotion and subsequent chart success for him.


'Sorry' was released as the second single from Justin Bieber's fourth album, Purpose. He was claimed to have performed Selena Gomez's renowned forgiveness ballad. The lyrics of the song were mainly about forgiveness and were like an affectionate apology, Beiber laid out the lyrics with an infectious beat and the overall music in the song is like a dancehall pop. The video has received over 3.4 billion views on YouTube.


'Yummy,' the fifth studio album's lead track, became immensely popular on Tiktok and quickly gathered a large following and listeners. After nearly four years as a solo artist, this was Bieber's first single. 'Yummy' received mixed reviews from reviewers, yet it quickly rose to prominence and popularity among the general public. The video has received 630 million views on YouTube.


The song was included on Bieber's album Believe and was released during Bieber's early years in the music industry. The song is influenced by R&B, which underpins the pop beats reminiscence of American record producer Pharrell Williams.  Despite being panned by reviewers for its cheesy lyrics, the song had 827 million views, making it one of the most-watched music videos. The title single, written by Bieber, Mike Posner, Mason Levy and Matthew Musto, was also well received by fans.