Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Five Songs By AP Dhillon Which Made To Everyone's Playlist

Instagram cannot keep calm as the users are currently grooving to AP Dhillon's Punjabi songs and also making trends out of them. Here is a list of songs by AP Dhillon which caught everyone's attention.

AP Dhillon in his recent concert.
AP Dhillon in his recent concert. Instagram\APDhillon

For many, Instagram is now the most effective way of finding new music. Everytime one scrolls through the reels there is a different song or trend that shows up on the feed. Just like that AP Dhillon’s “Kehndi Hondi Si” , an extract from his song ‘Excuses’ became a trend overnight. For music lovers, understanding Punjabi songs is still a challenge, but AP Dhillon,who debuted in 2019, has sung his way into the hearts of millions of Indians, bringing Punjabi music into the mainstream. While scrolling through Instagram at any hour, it is likely to come across the lyrics, “Dil tera jado tutuga tan pata laguga” from Dhillon’s ‘Excuses’ with which it has become a official ‘Heartbreak’ song. Here are five songs that has got everyone grooving.

'Brown Munde'

Brown Munde song was released on Sep 18, 2020, by Run-up Records and has more than 415 million views on YouTube to date. The music video includes notable cameos from NAV, Sidhu Moosewala and Steel Banglez. Many Bollywood stars have hopped on the Brown Munde trend. Recently Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor and Ibrahim Ali Khan were seen grooving to ‘Brown Munde’ in one of his concerts. The fact that "Brown Munde" is a rare hymn of Brown pride has been a major role in its meteoric rise.

“Oh Desi Jehe Geet Aa

Trap Jehi Beat Aa

Sirr Kadh Gajde

Speaker’an Ch Wajde

Brown Munde Brown Munde”


‘Ae munde pagal ne saare’ aka Insane has become a hit Punjabi song by AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon. The song has more than 72 million views on YouTube as of now. It had become one of the best party anthems in 2021.

"Eh munde paagal ne saare
Gallan vaddiyan vadde laare
Umar di hauli addiye tu
Ni bach ke reh"



Another hit by AP Dhillon, Desire song lyrics are penned down by Shinda Kahlon while the music video has been released by Run-Up Records. A copyright claim by a man named ‘Sandeep Bhullar’ was made which resulted in the removal of Desires from Youtube. Although the song now reflects on Youtube and has about 16 million views.

“Chad Gussa Hun Jan De, Kyon Akhan Ne Bhar Aiyan Ne

Kyun Gal Cho Laun Nu Firdi Ae, Jo Hathi Ganiyan Paiyan Ne”


While people on social media people refer to it as the ‘Heartbreak’ song, this song by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill has about 100 Million views on Youtube. The music for this song is given by Intense. 'Excuses' is part of memes, reels and almost everyone's playlist. The song has even sparked a trend called 'Kehndi Hundi Si' online, wjich is a line from the song.

“Kehndi hondi si chann tak raah bana de

Taare ne pasand mainu hetha saare laade

Oh! na taareya de vich jado mainu vekhengi

Meri yaad jado aaugi taan pata laguga”


Deadly lyrics by AP Dhillon is a Punjabi song from album Majhail Group composed by Gminxr while penned by AP Dhillon having music label Run-Up Records. The song has about 15 million views on Youtube.

"Fame dekh piche piche laggi duniya

Neeveyan nu jhaak koyi ni puchda

Duniya tu jittan di gall karda

Pittal nu dekh ke koyi ni rukda"