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Earth Day: TV Celebs Speak Up About The Importance Of Creating Awareness For Protecting The Ecosystem

As the world celebrates Earth Day today, here are what some of our television celebrities have to say about how to protect the nature and save the environment.

Sudhaa Chandran, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Mouli Ganguly

Every year on April 22, people throughout the world observe Earth Day in order to support and raise awareness about the importance of conserving the earth and its ecology. Global warming, the rising sea levels, and the amassing population growth among other things have become major issues that have put a burden on nature itself.

On this Earth Day, Indian TV celebrities speak out on what common people can do to help Mother Earth become a better place so that generations coming after us can also enjoy the. They also offer their individual contributions to the cause.

Mouli Ganguly

Conservation of natural resources is extremely essential to protect the environment. I believe small measures can lead to a greater impact and therefore, I save water by doing things like cold-washing clothes in the machine, showering instead of bathing, and air-drying dishes rather than using the dishwasher. In addition, I water my indoor plants using the same water that I use to wash vegetables and fruit. On this day, I would like to appeal to all my fans to save water and save lives”

Sudhaa Chandran

As we all know, global warming has become a significant problem. It's very important that we do everything to protect our mother earth. Let’s plant more trees, it's very important to have greenery around us. I love taking walks in the gardens and when I go and stand in front of trees in my leisure time, I feel they are talking to me and are reciprocating. I see that life in plants. It's very important to connect with nature otherwise it will be a very serious threat. In our garden and rooms we should have some potted plants and we should not be spitting and littering anywhere. People don't even bother when they do such a thing and don't understand the repercussions. Most important is having conservation. We should conserve water. Many people have the habit of leaving the taps open. We must stop wasting water first and then educate the youngsters about the same.

Aparna Dixit

I feel environmentally friendly cars will soon cease to be an option, they will become a necessity. I also wish to have one soon. Earth Day should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more sustainable and liveable place.

Saanand Verma

We should start investing in making the future climate secure. I read somewhere that when the well’s dry, we know the worth of water. So, we should act before things get out of hand. Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth and it isn’t required or switch off the lights and fans as no one is in the room. Every time you are doing all these small things, you are doing something good.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary

I came across Sadhguru's global movement of "Save Soil". As part of it, he is riding through 25 countries in 100 days, and he is 65. I saw a post on Instagram where it was raining heavily, and he was still on his bike because he had a schedule to adhere to. Soil is the basis of life on earth, and if we save soil, we save mother earth and I support his cause. Other than this, I am all about saying no to plastic. I also switch off lights and fans when a room is not in use and during the day, we hardly switch on the lights at home.

Simaran Kaur

Taking care of the planet earth is more than a responsibility for us. I feel that to save our home, one can bring a change by slowly inculcating environmental-friendly habits. From something as small as planting a tree to something like ditching your car and instead walking to your destination can bring about a big difference. As for me, I never leave the lights and fans switched on if I am not using a room. I have stopped using plastic too. I reuse old plastic containers that I had but don't buy any new ones. In fact, even when I go grocery shopping, I carry my cloth or jute bag and ask my friends and family to do the same.

Aalisha Panwar

I think all of us should be environmentally conscious and do our bit in saving our beautiful planet earth. We should focus on small things like not leaving the tap running when not in use, and save water. Secondly, stop using disposable bags, glasses etc. I recently saw a post on Instagram where a girl’s father had carried a steel tiffin box to the restaurant and after they were done eating, instead of getting the remaining food in the restaurant-provided containers, he kept it in his tiffin. The girl was so proud of her father and I think we should all learn from him. These small things can help make a huge difference. On my part, I do everything I can to save the environment. I am a plant lover and have many plants at my home. I avoid using plastic straws, bottles and instead carry my own steel straws and bottles with me.

Maninee De

World Earth day is about supporting and creating awareness about protecting the earth and preventing global warming and lessening its impact on us. Yes, I do keep potted plants, I also plant trees, separate dry and wet waste, switch off fans and lights when not in use. I explain to people who are semi-literate or illiterate about the effects of global warming. I keep the usage of AC to the minimum. I also read up some stuff that makes me an active participant in making the earth a better place. Definitely, I am somebody who is very interested in finding alternative ways to help the earth heal. It's the need of the hour as climate change and global warming are happening and it is not going to impact us but our future generations as well. Soil is getting eroded, desertification is a true thing happening.