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Aryan Khan Arrest To Not Being Shah Rukh Khan's Fan: Five Statements Of Gauri Khan At 'Koffee With Karan' Show

Aryan was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in connection with an alleged drug bust onboard a cruise ship off the Mumbai Coast in October last year

Shah Rukh Khan with wife Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor, and Bhavana Pandey were the latest guests at  'Koffee with Karan Season 7', a chat show hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar. The trio, who were seen in the reality show 'The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives', opened up about their personal and professional lives but the highlight of the show was when Shah Rukh Khan's wife spoke about the arrest of her elder son Aryan Khan in Drugs case.

Here's a look at five things Gauri said during her appearance at the show 

On Aryan Khan's arrest

When host Karan asked her “It has been such a tough ride for him, and you all have emerged so strongly. I know you as a mother. We are members of the same family and I am a member of the same family. And, it hasn’t been easy, and Gauri, you have emerged stronger than ever.”  indirectly hinting at Aryan's arrest, Gauri replied, “Nothing can be worse than what we have just been through. But where we all stand as a family, I can say that we are in a great space. We feel loved. All our friends, and so many people whom we didn’t know, so many messages and so much of love. We feel blessed. We are grateful to everyone who helped us.”

Aryan was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in connection with an alleged drug bust onboard a cruise ship off the Mumbai Coast in October last year. After spending 25 days in jail, he was released on bail. Aryan was later cleared of all charges.

Aryan Being Her Fashion Police

In the rapid-fire round, Gauri agan brought back the topic of  Aryan and said that he is her ‘fashion police’. “I am not allowed to wear full sleeve shirts. I am not allowed to wear many things. He doesn’t like jackets on me."

Being SRK's Wife Affecting Her Work

Being the wife of Shah Rukh Khan also works against her, she said. “When considering a new project, there are some people who consider me as a designer. But there are also times when it does not work out that way because at times, sometimes people do not want to get attached to the baggage of working with Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. It works against me 50 percent of the time.

Not A Shah Rukh's Fan At Home

During the show, recalling an incident, Karan said, “I have seen that you are bone honest with Shah Rukh. I will not mention the movie, but I have been at a screening, where we were watching a film of SRK’s that was not very good. And half way through the film you had tapped me, and said “you are liking this movie?” I was smiling because Shah Rukh was sitting right next to me. And you’re like how can you like this movie? So, I said we will talk at interval Gauri. And the other time you said, “you can’t release this movie.” And like then I realised that, that’s been your strength. You are not his fan at home. You are not adding to his fandom. You actually show him a mirror when it’s required.”

About Being Real

Gauri replied to Karan saying, “Yes, like I said, you know you have to be real. And if he’s showing me, he wants my opinion, it has to be what I feel, and what you know, the truth. And nothing but the truth. And also, when I speak to him, I won’t be harsh, and I won’t be you know demeaning. And I will not ever use those words, which will hurt him. I put it across in a way, I’ll still be honest. I can be like I can talk with you on the side. But obviously I put it in a more polite manner. You know, I know how to talk to him, but I do put my point across.”