Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Ajith Kumar's Doctor Reveals That The Actor Was Close To Getting Paralysed Once

Actor Ajith Kumar almost faced getting paralysed when he fell off the bike while shooting a stunt scene in one of his films. His doctor has spoken up about the numerous surgeries that the actor has gone through over the years.

Ajith Kumar
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Tamil actor Ajith Kumar's recent action movie ‘Valimai’ broke all records at the ticket counters with its thumping performance at the box-office. Now that the movie is a massive success, a new report has come out which says that in Chennai, the actor met with a minor accident while filming a stunt scene for the H Vinoth-directed project.

According to Indian Express, recently, Kumar’s Orthopaedic surgeon Naresh Padmanabhan expressed the actor’s worries about his audience getting the wrong message from his stunts. Padmanabhan said, “People have just seen a shot of an actor falling in ‘Valimai’. But, about four or five times he has suffered injuries while performing stunts on a bike. He wanted to convey a positive message through his films. The message is that you can get up again even when you fall.”

While delivering the message, Padmanabhan noted that the fans shouldn’t consider Kumar’s movies as an endorsement to perform stunts in real life on public roads. He also revealed that Kumar has undergone many surgeries on his spine, shoulders, and legs in the last 15 years for the injuries caused while performing the stunts. “Despite all that, if he’s surviving today, it’s because of the doctors, God’s grace, and his willpower. It’s very rare to give such performances in spite of all these injuries and surgeries,” he added.

The doctor also mentioned that he was quite close to suffering paralysis. “In his cervical spine, discectomy surgery has been performed at two levels. He had a bone removed from the docile spine that was putting pressure on his nervous system. On the lower back, he had suffered a fracture and he was close to suffering paralysis. A lumbar discectomy has also been performed on him. He underwent a ligament tear operation in both knee joints. He has undergone surgeries on both shoulders. He had suffered a biceps tendon tear and we had to reattach it with surgery,” Padmanabhan explained.

The actor has performed most of the stunts in his latest film ‘Valimai’ without a body double. “Kumar’s a passionate actor. And he takes his profession too seriously. That’s why he’s so focused. In fact, we had an accident, where he was doing a wheelie and he fell. The next day, he was on the sets at 7 am. If you see the making video of ‘Valimai’, you can see that particular shot,” the film’s producer Boney Kapoor had told Indian Express earlier when he was asked why Kumar doesn’t use body doubles for risky stunts.