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Aanchal Shrivastava On ‘Doobi Tujh Mein Piya’ For ‘Four More Shots Please 3’: My Most Difficult Track Till Date

Aanchal Shrivastava On ‘Doobi Tujh Mein Piya’ For ‘Four More Shots Please 3’: My Most Difficult Track Till Date

A thumri style original, which Aanchal Shrivastava has composed, written and sung, is added in the main album of the show.

Aanchal Shrivastava
Aanchal Shrivastava PR

Singer Aanchal Shrivastava is among the top indie artists of the nation now and has been making waves with her textured voice, and earthy compositions with a contemporary touch. 

In fact, after the phenomenal success of the folk recreation of 'Din Shagna Da' in the second season of ‘Four More Shots Please’, is back with her original song ‘Doobi Tujh Mein Piya’ in the third season of the show. 

A thumri style original, which she has composed, written and sung, is added in the main album of the show, which was released on October 21, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. It is an old school love song, and in the show, the track comes at a juncture where the girl (Sayani Gupta) is head over heels in love.

In a conversation with Outlook, the singer talked about the much-loved song, the challenges she has faced in her career and her journey towards becoming an Indie artist. Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us what makes ‘Doobi Tujh Mein Piya’ special.

The track is my most difficult track and I have written, co-composed and sang it as well. Parth Parekh, Ishaan Mehta (Mikey McCleary's team) and I have made a thumri, and singing a thumri was never even in my checklist. This song became special for so many reasons, because it was for ‘Four More Shots Please’.

What do you have to say about your journey of becoming an Indie artist?

I started off with working in a corporate world, from being a sales executive and then moved to being a RJ and then to creative solutions to brands in a PR agency. I feel, very few people are so blessed, that firstly they get to explore so many things in their life and secondly, they are loved and appreciated in every field that they pick. 

But soon I asked myself, what would be that one thing, which sets you apart from the rest. My heart was so quick at answering ‘Your Voice Aanchal’. Then finally, 2020 gave me the courage of being an indie artist. Soon, I decided to treat myself as a startup and I am a 4 year  old startup now. Self funded, with a team full of music producers and arrangers who make me the artist I am today. 

What made you choose this profession? 

The realisation that anyone any day will come and replace me in any sector that I work in, because I wasn't any different at it. I was a good start but I wasn't a sustained best. My voice is irreplaceable, I bet people who hear my voice once can never confuse me with another artist and this is what is the game changer. 

As a female Independent singer, what is your message to others working in this field?

If your calling is music, delete the sheet called timeline. Never ask when, just begin. Your soul needs to believe in your conviction and you are going to just get to where you imagine yourself. 

Being a woman did you face any challenges to start your label?

I generally feel, challenges are not gender specific, we humans chose to cry over challenges and as a defence mechanism bring in gender inequalities. I get more respect, more love  every time I work with others. In fact sometimes, I see people going extra miles for me. My musicians, music producers who work with me on different songs, ads, day to day music making, are more worked up working with me, than the other way round. 

Any song or project coming up in the future? 

My next single is with Kanishk Seth. The song is called ‘Kahaan’, which is my composition and lyrics and Kanishk is co-signing it.