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5 Romantic Short Films That Are Sure To Make Your Dull Weekend A Lot More Fun

As the monsoon season this year just continues to go on and on, here are a few romantic short films that are sure to put some fun into your dull weekend.

A Still From 'Mehrooni'

Monsoon is termed the most romantic season of the year. The view of raindrops settling on the windowpane and the smell of wet ground has been a perfect time to have a romantic date with your loved ones. However, with Monsoon still continuing in most Indian cities, one could only enjoy the rains in the comfort of their home.

To set the mood right and kick start the weekend with your partner, here are a few romantic short films that are recognized globally, and are sure to put some excitement into your dull weekend.


This critically acclaimed short film explains the feeling of love. Often used to represent intense and passionate feelings of confidence, the maroon colour shows excitement, power, passion, and love. Similarly, this short film is a love story of a couple Mr & Mrs Sharma who travel together daily. The narrator of the film tells the story from his perspective and the significance of colour in the couple’s life.

‘Clear Blue’

‘Clear Blue’ tells the story of Simon, a young lifeguard working his first few days at a community pool. The mundane quickly becomes mysterious, when Simon notices Flova, an older woman with an exceptional capacity to stay submerged underwater. As Simon follows Flova into the pool, he makes a startling discovery. What follows is a story of temptation and pursuit. ‘Clear Blue’ is a tale of impossible love and its harrowing consequences.


This film depicts the struggle of a writer who visits his local Aquatic Pet shop to buy a new fish. The story begins when he runs into a pretty young woman, and after a lively argument with a resident, he decides to ask her out on a date. However, Kurt's not as good with words as he thinks. This story of confessing love is what will help you connect with the movie.


‘Henry’ is a universally relevant short film to explain that love does not discriminate. This short film talks about various truths that are relevant today. Henry questions the audience on what it means to be a child, to be free from any gender labelling or restriction, to express yourself free from judgment, and to be bolstered by one's imagination.


They say communication is the key to every relationship, but this short film will let you believe otherwise. Rhinos talks about a couple who are thrown together by circumstance. What makes it interesting is despite a language barrier, they learn more about each other than they thought was possible.