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5 Fitness Tips From Kashika Kapoor That Will Give You A Perfectly Toned Body

Kashika Kapoor is one of the fittest actresses in today’s times. Here are a few tips from her on how to keep a perfectly toned body.

Kashika Kapoor

If you were to scroll through Kashika Kapoor's Instagram, you'll definitely see her indulging in her self-care routine, with fitness sessions being a major part. Even with a stressful actor's life, her lifestyle revolves around all things fitness. So, it won’t be wrong to take some much-needed mid-week inspiration from the actress on fitness.

If you're looking for such inspiration, take a look at these fitness tips from the actress herself:

No Weights Rule

When it comes to her workouts, the actress has a strict 'no weights' policy. Kashika prefers functional training and also includes martial arts.

Starts Her Day With A Detox Water

Kashika starts her day with detox water. It could be aloe vera or warm water and lemon to kickstart her system.

Includes Proteins, Carbs And Fats In Her Diet

Kashika Kapoor's usual breakfast comprises eggs with a toast or two. The actress goes straight for a workout and has mini snacks throughout the day.

Works Out At Least 4 Times A Week

Kashika works out a minimum of four times a week. The actress enjoys working out. So, on days when she isn't too busy, she likes to squeeze in a quick workout routine.

Includes Cheat Days And Practices Mindful Eating

Kashika says she definitely has cheat days and necessarily they don't always come on the same day every week as well. She believes that if your body is speaking to you and you are craving something, it is because you have kept it out of your system for far too long. Scrolling through her profile, you can see numerous photos of the actress eating burgers, pancakes, ice creams, and pizzas.

We definitely now know how our talented young beauty maintains this hourglass figure and we should take some tips from the actress and avail them in our day-to-day life.