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‘Taj 2’: 4 New And Powerful Characters

‘Taj: Divided By Blood’ on Zee5 became a big success. The new season ‘Taj: Reign Of Revenge’ is also garnering some great reviews. Here are a few characters that are new this season.

Taj: Reign Of Revenge

Stories about Mughals and the royal families have always been a fan-favourite genre as it makes the audiences aware about the ancient Indian history. A recently released show on Zee5 ‘Taj: ‘Divided By Blood’ which reveals the dark reality and the unknown facts about Mughals went on to become the most successful and watched original series on the platform.

And, now with the second season of the magnum opus - ‘Taj: Reign Of Revenge’, the show has gotten bolder, edgier and darker. In the second season, the battle for the throne continues but this time, the cracks within the family have deepened with blows of vengeance. As the season digs deep into the family drama, there are some new, powerful characters that have caught our attention like Sauraseni Maitra as Mehrunissa, Salim’s sons - Khusrav and Khurram and Sher Afghan.

Let’s look at the 4 powerful characters who have joined the magnum opus:

Sauraseni Maitra

Sauraseni Maitra is seen playing the beautiful and strong Mehrunissa who goes on to become not only Prince Salim’s love interest and life partner but also The Noor Jahan. Her powerful character and her fearless portrayal have won everyone’s heart. Despite all the odds, Mehrunissa did not compromise on her love for Salim and became the queen. With Taj: Reign of Revenge, she not only became the queen in the show but also a queen of audience’s hearts.

Jiansh Aggarwal

Khusrav and Salim’s relationship was complicated. While Salim loved his son Khusrav but the latter had immense hatred for his father and could not even stand the sight of him. Hence, Khusrav desires the throne and power and is ready to fight his father too for it. Jiansh Aggarwal has given a striking performance portraying this grey character to perfection. His anxiousness to grasp sovereign power and revolt against his father will blow your mind!

Mitansh Lulla

Mitansh Lulla plays the role of Khurram, Salim’s second son. There is a stark difference between the two sons, while Khusrav hates his father Salim, Khurram has a soft corner for his father. He is someone who goes by his ethics and never fails to raise his voice against the wrong happenings in the family. He is someone who stands for what is right and what is wrong. Mitansh Lulla has beautifully portrayed this character as he gets the innocence of the character right!

Gazi Rouhallah

Gazi Rouhallah plays the role of Sher Afgan. He is a Mughal courtier and Mehrunissa’s husband who Emperor Akbar chose for her. He does not like Emperor Salim and fights him every chance he gets. The ruggedness and roughness in his character will send shockwaves down your spine. His ruthless conquest and vengeful pursuits translate through the screen making him our favourite villain. Gazi Rouhallah has played this wicked character to perfection and gives a nail-biting performance.

Check out these characters for their brilliant performances.