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‘Special Ops 1.5’ Anniversary: Iconic Dialogues To Revisit From Kay Kay Menon’s ‘The Himmat Story’

Kay Kay Menon stareer ‘Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Singh Story’ is celebrating its first anniversary on Disney+ Hotstar. Here are some of the most memorable dialogues from the gripping espionage thriller.

'Special Ops 1.5'

Dark alleys of politics, red-tapism, terrorists, and honey-trapping form the exciting and thrilling ‘Special Ops’ universe. Bringing to viewers exciting tales from the world of spies, the ‘Special Ops’ series captivated viewers' minds with its powerful punch of action, crime, espionage, and thriller. Starring Kay Kay Menon as the titular character, Himmat Singh, the series took the audiences back to the adventurous years of the decorated agent, notorious for breaking the rules to protect the nation.

As the series’ second installment, ‘Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’, marks its first anniversary this week, here are a few iconic moments from the show that left us spellbound.

“Bachpan se manhoos hai?” (Have you been cursed since childhood?)

When Vinay Pathak, who plays Abbas Sheikh, walks into the police station and is visibly angry for being pulled out of a case, he is informed by a constable that Himmat Singh has called him for an urgent help. Abbas then goes on to ask him if he has been cursed since his childhood for bringing such bad news. Sarcastic yet humorous, the dialogue displays the unique bond shared between Himmat and Abbas.

“Aisa allowed hai kya?” (Is this allowed?)

Himmat Singh is known for never following the rules of the books. At the same time, he is also extremely secretive of how he operates and who he operates with. Thus when he is asked to divulge who are the agents who work under him during a R&AW audit in Special Ops, he outright refuses. To this, the interrogators question among themselves if Himmat can truly be so blatant about not sharing any information about using government funds for his network of spies.

“Pests zyada ho gaye the…” (There were too many pests)

It is challenging to think that someone as stoic as Himmat Singh could go on a date. However, they are never your usual dates, as seen in this scene when he tells his girlfriend he has been fired from his job. Unable to tell her the reason behind it, his girlfriend simply assumes that he has been let go from his careeras a pest controller (a lie staged by Himmat). As the shock of him not being able to handle a simple job grasps her, Himmat sees this as an opportunity to steer clear of revealing his actual job!

I don’t care about the casualties, I want confirmation on Iqlak Khan’s death

Himmat Singh being a seasoned spy has never shied away from death, or even commanding death orders. This is probably the reason this iconic dialogue from Special Ops rings true of his cold blood and the fact that he can go to any length to protect his country, even if it means blood.

I suspend myself

When Himmat Singh gets questioned by his superiors about his reckless actions in Speical Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story, he reminds them about their corrupt means and wrongdoings in the system that could have also put the Special Ops department in trouble. Aware of the threats and rebukes coming his way and unwilling to be a part of the macabre anymore, he gallantly suspends himself.

Ask no questions, hear no lies

A spy always has more to hide than to tell. In this particular scene where Himmat Singh and Abbas Sheikh’s friendship is questioned by a panel trying to piece together the former’s life, this iconic dialogue in ‘Speical Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’ is told by Abbas, who is well accustomed to the dark and secretive life of spies.