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'Mismatched 2' Actor Taaruk Raina On Real-Life Friends Rohit Saraf, Prajakta Koli, Show's Relatability Factor

'Mismatched' web series is based on an Indian-American author Sandhya Menon’s 2017 young adult romance novel When Dimple Met Rishi.

Taaruk Raina

Taaruk Raina currently has two roles in ‘Mismatched 2’, one of onscreen Anmol Malhotra, and the second is the composer, writer, singer, and producer of the theme song for this season. The Netflix show began digitally streaming on October 14 and the actor says that there are a lot of interesting things about his character that will unfold in season 2.

“The second season is different compared to the first season for me. For Anmol as a character, there is a definitive arc to his character and you delve into the reasons why he is the way he is and how he gets past these problems.

“As seen in the trailer Anmol goes to therapy and I think that’s a very important aspect in our lives today. We all need to have a certain outlook towards mental health and take care of it so that’s one aspect,” he tells Outlook.

Taaruk says that off camera,  this season was just the easiest place to be because the whole family got together and they had the best time shooting. “We were a lot more comfortable because our characters were established and it would be safe to say that it was an absolute party.”

“These characters feel like they’ve spent so much time together and that’s translated on screen. Of course there is a lot of depth to every single character and their story. The real insecurity of every single character comes out and there are arcs of redemption. There are more aspects of being in love and how it confuses you. I certainly think season 2 has a lot more energy and a lot more drama. Some amazing moments I just can’t wait for people to see,” he says.

Taaruk was last seen in a series called ‘The Broken News’ (Zee5, 2022) and has also played Late actor Rishi Kapoor’s son in the film “Sharmaji Namkeen” (2022). His recent work also includes a pivotal role in the series ‘Jugaadistan’ on Lionsgate Play. (2022) and a Short Film  ‘Purple’

Talking about why he thinks ‘Mismatched’ is connecting well with the audience, he says, “I think the biggest factor in the success of mismatched is the relatability, the fact that so many young people can identify with the characters and their ups and downs is why it’s so watched.”

“In the current time one can’t stress the importance of mental health enough, and I think our show truly shows the stresses faced by young adults and makes people feel like they’re not alone.”

One thing about the lead stars of ‘Mismatched’ that is not at all seen on screen, he says that they are very easygoing people, unlike their characters. “Both Rohit and Prajakta mean the world to me as friends, unlike my character in the show,” he says.

He says that their friendship evolved while shooting for the show and now they became a family. “I wouldn’t call it a friendship anymore, it’s much more than that. It’s one place where I look forward to every single day only to be with those people again and again. I can’t get enough of it,” he says.

'Mismatched' web series is based on an Indian-American author Sandhya Menon’s 2017 young adult romance novel When Dimple Met Rishi. The show also stars Ranvijay Singha as Professor Siddharth Sinha/Sid and Vidya Malvade as ZeenaT Karim.

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