National Shooting Championship 2023: Ganemat Sekhon, Anantjeet Singh Naruka Secure Maiden Titles

India's number one women's and men's skeet shooters at present Ganemat Sekhon and Anantjeet Singh Naruka clinched their individual maiden titles respectively at the 66th National Shooting Championship

File image of Ganemat Sekhon

Ganemat Sekhon and Anantjeet Singh Naruka, arguably India's number one women's and men's skeet shooters at present, added another feather to their cap by winning maiden individual senior national titles in New Delhi on Wednesday. (Sports News)

Competing at the 66th National Shooting Championship Competitions for shotgun shooters, Punjab's Ganemat and Rajasthan's Anantjeet took contrasting paths towards the same result.

Ganemat shot a below-par 116 in qualification and had to come through a five-way shoot-off for four final qualifying places, before shooting down 56 targets to win the 60-shot final.

Qualifiers leader Zahra Deesawala was second with 55 hits while Sanjana Sood was third with 44.

In men's skeet, Anantjeet shot at a different level, registering a pillar to post victory.

He topped the qualifiers with a 123 out of 125. The next best in the field was 121.

In the six-man final, he gunned down 58 out of 60 targets to leave silver-winning Munek Battula well behind on 55. Bhavtegh Gill won bronze hitting 45 out of the first 50 targets.

Earlier this year, Ganemat won two medals including a gold and silver in ISSF World Cups while Anantjeet won an Asian Games silver in men's skeet at Hangzhou.

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