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SEC Pursue Ripple (XRP) For $2 Billion, Tether (USDT) Increases Investment In CityPay, Rollblock (RBLK) Price Predicted To Surge 1200%

SEC targets Ripple for $2B while Tether increases investment in CityPay. Don't miss out on potential gains from Rollblock with a predicted 1200% surge.

Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT) & Rollblock (RBLK)

Recently, the SEC decided to pursue Ripple (XRP) for $2B as its legal battle heats up. Meanwhile, Tether (USDT) has increased its investment in CityPay, a payment service. Amidst these developments, all eyes are on Rollblock (RBLK) - a Stage 1 presale star. Analysts claim that this altcoin could surge 1200% in 2024. Let's see why.

The SEC Demands Ripple (XRP) To Pay $2B

The SEC is continuing its legal battle against Ripple (XRP). In a recent filing, the SEC demanded that Ripple pay $2B, which is a way larger amount than what Ripple offered. In April 2024, Ripple offered to pay a $10M fine. The SEC believes that this amount is not appropriate.

Amidst this Ripple news, its technical analysis shows bearish signs. For example, the Ripple coin is now trading below its 21- and 50-day EMAs while also having many red indicators. Nevertheless, this altcoin's price has been rising, as CoinMarketCap data shows an 18% growth in the past 12 months. Thus, experts foresee Ripple trading at $0.78 within Q2 of 2024.

Tether (USDT) Announces Additional CityPay Investment

Meanwhile, Tether (USDT) also made headlines in the crypto market. Most notably, Tether announced it would increase its presence in Eastern Europe by investing more in CityPay, a Georgian payment service. With this development, Citypay will also benefit as it expands into other countries, such as Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Although the investment amount was not disclosed, this Tether news is big as it could see excellent long-term results. Even Paolo Ardoino stated that massive results were achieved after the first Tether investment in CityPay. Due to all these reasons, traders are still keeping an eye on Tether as a powerful force in the crypto market.

Rollblock (RBLK): Outstanding Long-Term Growth Potential

While Ripple and Tether are seeing major developments, Rollblock (RBLK) is emerging as a rising presale star. Market analysts predict that there will be a staggering 1200% increase in the value of RBLK, Rollblock's native token, in the presale alone. This bullish perspective is because of the increasing popularity of Rollblock's GambleFi protocol, which is disrupting the $450B online gambling industry.

Rollblock differs from its peers, such as, regarding security and user experience. In other words, Rollblock avoids sign-up KYC checks or any additional downloads, making it possible for users to register via email. With this development, you remain anonymous while engaging in this fully-licensed and operational online crypto casino.

However, what makes Rollblock stand out from the competition is its revenue-sharing model. The platform will use up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy RBLK tokens from the open market. Afterward, half of them are burned while the remaining half is distributed as rewards for staking. This will yield some of the highest staking APYs available anywhere for RBLK holders.

With a $0.01 Stage 1 presale price, RBLK is one of the best altcoins to buy. It has already raised over $250K and could reach $1M before May ends. Not only that, Rollblock has sold over 24M RBLK tokens so far - suggesting a high demand for this altcoin. Thus, market analysts predict a 100x surge for RBLK once it hits Tier-1 exchanges in Q3 of 2024.

Can Rollblock Outpace Ripple and Tether?

Rollblock has an advantage over other altcoins like Ripple thanks to its low market cap of $10M. This means that RBLK will experience faster growth as it needs far less new funds for its price to skyrocket. To buy a potential future member of the top 10 altcoins, sign up for the RBLK presale using the links below and get VIP bonuses.

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