Ten Guarantees Of Arvind Kejriwal: From Regularisation Of Contractual Workers To Garbage Free Delhi; All You Need To Know

Promising to make Delhi pothole and garbage free, Kejriwal said that the BJP spent five years just abusing him without doing a single work.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Ahead of MCD polls, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared the 'Ten Guarantees' that his party will be committed to if comes to power.

Taking to Twitter, the Delhi CM promised to make Delhi a “beautiful and clean city”. As expected he focused on the garbage issue that he has been pushing forth for quite a time to corner the BJP.

Referring to the heap of garbage that covers Delhi in different parts, Delhi CM said that they will clear the three landfill sites and will end corruption in MCD that has been ruled by BJP for more than a decade.

His first guarantee of beautifying Delhi comes with clearing the garbage heaps. He said that AAP will bring in global experts to find the solution of the garbage. Promising to clean the roads and alleys of Delhi, he added that the procedures to sanction the buildings will go digital as the major corruptions happen with the engagement of the middlemen.

He also promised that whenever the people made extensions surrounding their houses it becomes a matter of contention. “We will charge a small penalty and will regularize it,” the CM said. AAP will also solve the problem of parking and will repair the streets of the city.

“After developing the Delhi schools and health centre, we will now modify the Municipality schools and health facilities,” he added. Apart from that he promised to make Delhi a 'city of parks.'

Promising to give relief to the contractual workers under MCD he said that all of them will be regularized and they will get their salary by 7th of every month.

For the small businessmen, he said that the AAP government will make their lives easier by simplifying the procedures of getting license. He also said that there will be end of the 'Inspector Raj' and all the sealed shops will be reopened. Vending zones will also be made for the street vendors and there will be no extortion as they will be brought under legal purview.

Ahead of uttering his promises, the CM in a lighter tone said just like 'Fevicol', guarantees of AAP never go astray like the other parties. In oblique references to 'Bachan Patra' and 'Sankalp Patra' of BJP, he noted that throughout the last five years, the ruling party spent time in flaking and abusing Kejriwal.

“They said that Kejriwal doesn't give money and we will from now on take money directly from the centre. Despite having the same party in center and MCD, they couldn't manage to get a penny as well,” said the CM.

Accusing the BJP of doing nothing in these year, Kejriwal said not a single road and pothole has been repaired during their tenure.

Taking a dig at BJP for the corruption he continued, “They do corruption and send Satyendar Jain to jail. They try to put Manish Sisodia behind bars. Neither they kept their promises, nor they left any stone unturned to create issues for the Delhites.”

The CM who in the recent past has been found pandering the Hindu sentiments said that BJP has tried to stop the Yoga classes of Delhi people. “Who does stop Yoga classes? It is a work of 'Punya'."

“They stalled whatever the Delhi government tried to start. From the 'ghar ghar ration' to the proposal of turning off the cars in signal- BJP has been the hindrance," AAP chief added. Appealing to the people of Delhi, the CM said, "Don't vote for the people who stops the works- vote for those who want to work."

The unified MCD will go for polls on December 4 and the results will be out on December 7.