Result Of Dirty Politics: Kejriwal On Excise Policy Scam After CBI Probe

The Delhi Chief Minister thanked the CBI for its hospitality and said that the Centre is targeting the party because of its development work. He called the scam a result of dirty politics.

Arvind Kejriwal

After nine hours of grilling and questioning by the Central Bureau of Investigation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal interacted with the media last night at his residence and called the liquor scam a result of "dirty polictics".

The central agency summoned Kejriwal under Section 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) to appear as a witness on Friday in the excise policy case. Thanking the agency for their “hospitality” and amicability, Kejriwal said that the Bureau asked him around 56 questions

Asserting that the Aam Admi Party rose to national popularity due to developmental work, Kejriwal said that it was an honest party and that the BJP wants it to vanish. He called the case a result of “dirty politics”. He added that honesty was fundamental to the party, which they will never compromise on.

“They (BJP) could not build even one school in Gujarat in 30 years," he said adding that AAP has achieved to do work that were not done in 75 years of independence, which has bothered the Centre.

When asked by media about their one-day special Assembly Session on Monday and the Delhi Lieutenant General’s objection to it, Kejriwal said. “I want the LG sahab to study the Constitution again or have some advisor who is well educated and has knowledge about it.”

The Aam Admi party leader was summoned to the CBI office around 11 AM, Sunday morning. AAP leaders protested outside the New Delhi office throughout the day and were detained by the police. Kejriwal said that they were gradually being released by the police. He also said that the detentions were unnecessary and wrong as leaders protest peacefully.

"The entire case is false. The CBI does not have an iota of evidence to establish that our government has done anything wrong," Kejriwal said.

In a video message that Kejriwal released early on Monday morning, he alleged that the BJP might have ordered the CBI to arrest him this morning.