Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Former Congress Leader Hardik Patel Says He Is Not Joining BJP On Monday

Hardik Patel, who rose to prominence leading the Patidar quota stir, recently left the Congress party which he had joined in 2019.

Former Congress leader Hardik Patel PTI Photo

Amid speculation that he would join the Bharatiya Janata Party following his exit from the Congress party, Hardik Pandya on Sunday said he is not joining the saffron party on Monday and he would let people know in case something like this is to happen.

Patel told PTI, "I am not joining BJP tomorrow, will let you know if something like this happens."

Patel, who rose to prominence leading the Patidar quota stir, left the Congress recently which he had joined in 2019.

He also took to Twitter to criticise the Aam Aadmi Party over the killing of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala in Punjab earlier on Sunday. 

He said on Twitter in Hindi, "Punjab has realised with a very sad incident today as to how deadly it is for any government to go into chaotic hands. Brutal murder of an international kabaddi player a few days ago, and a famous young artist Sidhu Moosawale today is raising important questions.

"The Chief Minister of Punjab and the people running the Aam Aadmi Party's Punjab government from Delhi will have to think whether they want to become another party like the Congress to give pain to Punjab or really do something for the people. My tribute to Sidhu Moosewala."

Moosewala was shot dead in Punjab's Mansa district, with police suspecting it to be the fallout of an inter-gang rivalry.

Patel had recently resigned as the Gujarat Congress working president and from the party's primary membership. 

Before quitting, the 28-year-old Patel wrote a scathing letter to party chief Sonia Gandhi, claiming the party "only played the role of a roadblock" over certain key issues in the country and was "merely reduced to opposing everything".

Patel had also recently praised the BJP for its "decision making" leadership. There has been speculation lately that he might join BJP.

(With PTI inputs)